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Feb 19, 2010 04:59 PM

strawberry cupcake recipes?

I'm trying to find a strawberry cupcake recipe made with fresh strawberries or fresh strawberry puree.

I first checked out the Sprinkles LA recipe on, and the reviews said they were bland. So I googled some and found another recipe, where you do a puree first (not chopped berries) and cook it down to thicken it, so I tried that and.... bland.

Fresh/frozen and reduced strawberry puree in the frosting was also kinda bland. I want STRAWBERRY! Intense! Awesome! But I'm just not sure how to get it. Or if its possible, in a cupcake.


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  1. Cooks Country did a strawberry poke cake with frozen strawberries and it looked good. You could do the same in a cupcake.

    1. a few thoughts...the strawberry flavor will only be as intense as the berries themselves. sadly, so much of the fruit masquerading as strawberries these days is watery, bland and insipid, so make sure you're using extremely flavorful berries. assuming that's the case, increase the volume of strawberry puree in the batter, and add some chopped, dried strawberries as well, which have a much more concentrated strawberry flavor.

      1. I agree with the other poster, most strawberries sold here are quite bland and watery. The strawberries I've bought in Paris are much more flavorful than any I've had in the US.

        I personally love strawberries and cake. But I like fresh strawberry fruit with vanilla cake. If you are looking for strawberry flavor baked into the actual cake, I recommend the following:

        For more strawberry flavor, cut up the strawberries in a rough dice and sprinkle them with a little salt and sugar (subtract the salt and sugar you use in this step from your recipe). Put the strawberries in cheesecloth and let the strawberries drain in a strainer, pressing them to release juices. Reserve this liquid. Cook the liquid over low heat into a thick syrup.

        Puree the drained strawberries with a tablespoon of vodka and use them in your batter. Take the strawberry syrup and mix 2 tps of strawberry extract in it. Now use this mixture in your frosting.

        If you have access to RIPE guava, guava is a complementary flavor to strawberry. You can use the ripe pulp in the puree. If you do not have guava, try 1/5 teaspoon of lemon zest in your frosting to enhance the strawberry flavor.

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          wow, thanks! I will try this, as well as the dried strawberry idea.

          1. re: AkL

            You are very welcome. I just looked at the Martha Stewart recipe and can see why you were disappointed.

            Putting pureed strawberries in the frosting will give you some flavor but not your desired intensity, there is simply too much water. You are better off with a classic buttercream recipe, substituting vanilla extract with natural strawberry extract and the syrup reduction. For 16 oz of buttercream, 2 tps. of extract should give you an intense strawberry flavor. However, flavor extracts do vary in concentration, so use your best judgment.

            I am not crazy about the Martha Stewart recipe as I don't see the purpose of the milk and the proportions seem a little off. There is a lot of liquid in this recipe and I think a pinch of banking soda would help to neutralize the acid in the strawberries and aid in leavening. Cakes with fruit puree can be tricky when it comes to producing a fine crumb. I also don't like how the recipe calls for two egg whites as opposed to a yolk. Yolk would make the cake more tender.

            What did you think of the texture of the cupcakes?

            1. re: Pookipichu

              I've made the Martha Stewart recipe a few times and I like the recipe's results, because it reminds me of the strawberry cupcake I had AT Sprinkles when I was there. not quite the same obviously but it still invoked some memories. Like biting into a strawberry ice cream cone.

              However, I agree the flavor of strawberries is a bit light. I puree the strawberries and cook them down to a paste now. I'm thinking of adding some strawberry extract as well.

              Sometimes my cupcakes have a chunkier crumb even though I use cake flour - why is that?

        2. Two words - freeze dried. Pulverize and add to batter. Here they have at Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

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            I like to add a bit of lemon juice and sugar to my strawberry stuff-- even in the summer with great strawberries. I found that it intensified the flavor and didn't take away from the stawberriness at all. Even with good strawberries, I think you'd get more flavor out of a filling than a strawberry batter. Might you consider doing that?

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              I second the freeze dried suggestion. I add broken up pieces to a vanilla cupcake batter, and add the pulverized ones to a cream cheese frosting. Just be sure to remove the little preservative packet before you grind them up - just a couple weeks ago I dumped a whole bag of freeze dried strawberries in the food processor and forgot to remove the packet. Had to throw it all out.

            2. I think strawberries taste best and have the best texture when they aren't cooked. I would make a yellow or white cupcake and fill it or top it with whipped cream and fresh chopped berries, more like a shortcake. I know this isn't what you requested but it's yummy!