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Feb 19, 2010 04:43 PM

What's a good lunch dish I can make a day ahead?

Something delicious but not too elaborate, something that doesn't scream "dinner" but isn't a sandwich, something that I can make the day before and will re-heat well or be good at room temperature, and (unfortunately) no fish or seafood is allowed.... any ideas?

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  1. quiche
    pasta salad
    quinoa salad
    crepe fillings (make the crepes that day)
    various soups/stews

    1. - chili
      - vegetable frittata or tortilla espanola
      - chana masala

      1. This time of year, I'd think homemade soup and bread would be lovely.

        1. Spanish rice and beans make for a great microwaved lunch. Pita or tortilla to go with it.