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Feb 19, 2010 04:21 PM

Road Trip: Seattle to Malibu - Need Recs

OK Chowhounders....I"m goin' on a road trip and need your help. This isn't any old roadtrip - my fiance and I, who have endured a long distance relationship, are finally joining households, by giving up the one in Seattle and moving together to the one in Malibu. We are wine freaks and love good food. Fancy, Dives. Ethnic. He is particularily fond of IPA's with high alcohol content; I am fond of tiny inns owned by cool people with dogs in off beat places. We'd love everyone's suggestions on places to eat, go and stay between there and here. Bring it on.....

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  1. In Seaside, "The Stand" is not to miss. Tasty, genuine, hand-made Mexican. Not much to look at, but, ooh la la.

    The nearby "Candy Man" is an eye-popping presentation of 101 flavors of salt-water-taffy, and a surreal experience.

    Skip the Travesty that is the Seaside aquarium - do us all a big favor and patronize the Oregon State Aquarium at Newport. Their interpretive work is nearly at the level of Monterrey Bay aquarium, which you must also visit. The Rogue Brewery runs the cafe at the OR State aquarium, too, and you can buy a bomber of Shakespeare Stout.

    Also at Newport is "Sharks" seafood restaurant. Don't be alarmed that it's in the tourist-trap part of the waterfront, they make a killer Cioppino, using interesting antique equipment. The owner is a talker, but friendly and fun.

    As you drive down the coast in CA, try to stay at the State Hostel at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse (reservations are probably difficult, though we just wandered in and stayed 2 nights). Hop across the highway down to Pescadero, for fabulous breakfasts at "Duarte's."

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      Duarte's? Where the famous Cream of Artichoke soup has Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup as the base. Yeah, you can't go wrong with breakfast.

    2. Just to be clear - are you taking I-5 or the 101? Will make a big difference in recommendations

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          In Eugene, the King Estate Winery has amazing food, we have enjoyed two lunches there. They have a spacious outdoor patio there with very innovative food and the wine is fantastic. I would also not miss New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro in Talent, it is in Southern Oregon. In nearby Ashland, there is Liquid Assets Wine Bar, Peerless, Chateaulin, Lark's @ the Ashland Springs Hotel, Winchester Inn and Amuse for great meals. Have a great time! :)

        2. Are you driving a Uhaul and trailer? How many days can you spend to get to LA?
          I'm assuming you want to skip Portland and the Northern Wine Country?