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Feb 19, 2010 03:43 PM

Hampton, VA?

I'll be going to Hampton, VA soon, realize this is a bit out of area for the board but
does anyone have a recommendation for a casual meal there?

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  1. Repping the 7 cities. whats up? Hope you bring your gun ;)

    I like Cheddars Casual Cafe by Patrick Henry Mall and Quaker Steak & Lube for Wings. There is food at Peninsula Town Center too. Schlesinger's and Create Bistro in Bad Newz or Opus 9 In Williamsburg is ok too..(or Fat Canary)

    Better restaurants to be found in Virginia Beach/Norfolk though to be honest wit Croakers, Aberdeen Barn, Todd Jurichs Bistro etc

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      Patrick Henry Mall is in Newport News, next door to Hampton. I don't believe there's anything but chain restaurants in that part of Newport News.

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Jefferson runs right up and down ain't far.

      2. re: EatNLoveLife

        Quaker Steak - that brings me back. We used to drive to the original in Sharon PA when I was going to college in Cleveland. I had no idea they'd expanded so far.

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          Seriously. What do you mean about the gun? I haven't been to Hampton for about 5 yrs and it seemed ok then, has it gotten that dangerous?

        2. My boyfriend's parents own a house down there. Last time we visited we went to the County Grill & Smokehouse which had some totally respectable bbq.

          1. Limited selection in the area--mostly chain restaurants. The only interesting place I went to was Famous Uncle Al's which is a locally owned lunch counter/diner. They are best known for their hot dogs.


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              Yea I tried listing her some places that WAS NOT chains. But Cheddars Casual Cafe is good, and Quaker Steak and Lube is good and you won't find those places here in Baltimore. Man I miss eating there. There are not fancy by any means but the wings are killer and Cheddars is just a rare restaurant; not many around. There are not fancy but you know. Peninsula Town Center you will find your usual Outback and some . And then you can find some nice non-chain restaurants like Opus 9 in Williamsburg and Schlesinger's and Create Bistro in Bad Newz. And the better non-chain crap in Norfolk/VA Beach like I mentioned.

              It isn't bad like B-More---Just know where you are going. You can tell when you are getting to shady part. Mercury and Jefferson has some rough patches. That's the troof. Don't wind up in the East side of Bad News either hah.