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Feb 19, 2010 03:40 PM

where to find *unrefrigerated* cartons of milk in LA??

When I visited my girlfriend in Germany, all supermarkets had these cartons. They came in different varieties (eg, skim, whole, etc), and were about 1/2 litre, as I recall. What I loved was that they were designed to be kept unrefrigerated, on any shelf till opened, and would keep (unopened) for several months. Perfect for a cook who limits his use of milk, but does have an occasional call for it. I've hunted in a dozen mainstream markets, as well as at Surfas and Sur La Table. No luck.

Anyone seen this product out there? My other option would be to put different types of milk into ice trays, and make a bunch of cubes, which I could bag and freeze for later use. That's my fall-back position, and I'd love to be able to find these small 'boxes that are used in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. (Note: I have seen these cartons for *soy* milk at 99 Ranch Markets, but not for regular cow's milk, which is what I want/need.)

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  1. This should be on the LA Board. In New England the Parmalat brand (a Germany company so probably what you saw) is sold in all supermarkets alongside evaporated and powdered milk in the grocery aisles.

    Alternatively, buy canned evaporated milk. Diluted 1:1 with water, it is reconstituted whole milk. Plain, it has a cooked taste, but that is undetectable when you cook/bake with it. The remains of an open can can be transferred to a freezer container, where it keeps well.

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      greygarious is right -- you can find UHT milk, right next to the canned and powdered milk, in almost any grocery chain in SoCal.

      (Minor point of correction, Parmalat is an Italian company ;-)

    2. Trader Joe's used to sell it, but that was several years ago. Interesting since TJ's is owned by the Aldi/Albrecht brothers... the German trail thickens. I wonder if the German market at Alpine Village in Torrance sells it?

      1. i would try whole foods.
        i know for sure that they carry shelf stable soy milk and almond milk.
        would imagine that they would also carry shelf stable dairy milk.

        1. Horizon and Organic Valley make shelf stable milk boxes (8 oz and 1 liter) that I’ve seen sold at Ralphs and WF, etc. BTW, they come in a couple different flavors: regular, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

          Organic Valley 1 liter

          Organic Valley single serve 8 oz


          hope that helps

          1. I've seen it at Ralph's in the sales bin. The thing to look for is UHT (not brand, just the type of milk).
            When I saw your thread title, I suspected this would be what you were looking for,, and thought "ugh gross! I spent all my time trying to avoid it in Europe and here a European is looking for it!"
            but if you use it for cooking, I guess you won't taste the nastiness as much.

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            1. re: kerosundae

              That's what I thought too until I went to Europe and it was the only milk I could find. It tastes just as good as regular milk.