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Feb 19, 2010 03:34 PM

Any recent Justine comments ?

Anyone went recently to Justine Bar à Vin on St-Denis ?

My search comes with some old, but good reviews.

I would like to go to 3 petits bouchons, but it's probably a bit too expensive for the other people I will go with; is it comparable ? or do I convice them to go to 3 petits bouchons ?



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  1. I actually went to Justine Bar à Vin on St-Denis with a small group recently. Despite not being a big fan of French food, I quite enjoyed it. I had a tuna carpaccio salad that was very nice, and a chocolate souflée that was great. My companions enjoyed everything they had too. My one complaint was as a non-red meat eater (who happens to hate mushrooms) my choices were extremely limited. The menu is really small to begin with, and very meat- (and mushroom-!) heavy, at least when I was there. But if you're with a bunch of omnivorous folks who like French food, it should go over well. They supposedly have a good wine list, as a non-drinker I am not really able to judge that.

    The place is really warm and cozy, I quite liked the vibe.

    1. I went there this past Friday. I posted a review on my blog: with a bunch of pictures but here is the short version :

      -Atmosphere was great, very cozy. The service was amazing, especially if you have questions about their wines, they are super helpful.

      -The prices are very good, I had an appetizer, a small salad, a glass of wine and the filet mignon main course and I paid 44$ tax and tip included. If I had had dessert and coffee it would have been roughly 10 bucks more plus tax.

      -Their menu is very small, not the best place for a vegetarians and vegans will probably end up eating bread and lettuce.

      -They had quite a bit of seafood on the menu when we went which was of fairly good quality.

      -The portions are quite small, they are French sized which is nice since you can try multiple things rather that one big item.

      -Their ratatouille was excellent, as well as their gravlax and foie gras mousse.

      -The service is very relaxed, it is an excellent place for a leisurely dinner.

      All in all a very good restaurant and I would definitely go back, they serve honest food in an unpretencious atmosphere.

      Justine Bistro A Vin
      4517 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2L4, CA

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          1. I've had a good evening @ Justine.

            I think it's very a "Parisien" bistro in their approach; good food, good wine, good service, good price, nothing spectacular, but everything nicely done and prepared.

            I kind of like the "smaller" portions, it enabled us to have desserts without feeling guilty about it.

            Wine list looks very nice; we had a portugese wine: ( to keep in sync with the Festival Montréal en Lumière ), a Muriel (?) nice.