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Any recent Justine comments ?

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Anyone went recently to Justine Bar à Vin on St-Denis ?

My search comes with some old, but good reviews.

I would like to go to 3 petits bouchons, but it's probably a bit too expensive for the other people I will go with; is it comparable ? or do I convice them to go to 3 petits bouchons ?



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  1. I actually went to Justine Bar à Vin on St-Denis with a small group recently. Despite not being a big fan of French food, I quite enjoyed it. I had a tuna carpaccio salad that was very nice, and a chocolate souflée that was great. My companions enjoyed everything they had too. My one complaint was as a non-red meat eater (who happens to hate mushrooms) my choices were extremely limited. The menu is really small to begin with, and very meat- (and mushroom-!) heavy, at least when I was there. But if you're with a bunch of omnivorous folks who like French food, it should go over well. They supposedly have a good wine list, as a non-drinker I am not really able to judge that.

    The place is really warm and cozy, I quite liked the vibe.

    1. I went there this past Friday. I posted a review on my blog: http://cookbookfixation.blogspot.com/... with a bunch of pictures but here is the short version :

      -Atmosphere was great, very cozy. The service was amazing, especially if you have questions about their wines, they are super helpful.

      -The prices are very good, I had an appetizer, a small salad, a glass of wine and the filet mignon main course and I paid 44$ tax and tip included. If I had had dessert and coffee it would have been roughly 10 bucks more plus tax.

      -Their menu is very small, not the best place for a vegetarians and vegans will probably end up eating bread and lettuce.

      -They had quite a bit of seafood on the menu when we went which was of fairly good quality.

      -The portions are quite small, they are French sized which is nice since you can try multiple things rather that one big item.

      -Their ratatouille was excellent, as well as their gravlax and foie gras mousse.

      -The service is very relaxed, it is an excellent place for a leisurely dinner.

      All in all a very good restaurant and I would definitely go back, they serve honest food in an unpretencious atmosphere.

      Justine Bistro A Vin
      4517 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2L4, CA

      1. I've had a good evening @ Justine.

        I think it's very a "Parisien" bistro in their approach; good food, good wine, good service, good price, nothing spectacular, but everything nicely done and prepared.

        I kind of like the "smaller" portions, it enabled us to have desserts without feeling guilty about it.

        Wine list looks very nice; we had a portugese wine: ( to keep in sync with the Festival Montréal en Lumière ), a Muriel (?) nice.

        1. I really want to check out Bistro Justine with friends, I'm a student, it's just my price range!

          But what is the difference between bistro justine a vin, bistro justine, and le terrasse? Is le terrasse just the outdoor part of the main bistro? Is one more casual than the other? The dishes seem similar, is there any difference in the types of foods offered?

          Bistro Justine
          1268 Av Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V1K6, CA