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Feb 19, 2010 02:41 PM

80th birthday party food theme

Any suggestions for a caterer/menu for 50 people-mostly older?

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  1. Hi! Are you specifically looking for a caterer in Houston? Or are you looking for help planning a menu? It makes a difference, because this may be better on a different board (like General Chowhounding Topics) if it isn't Houston specific, if that makes sense! Let us know so we can help you.

    1. Hi. This is Houston-specific. Looking for a caterer as well as menu ideas-keeping in mind the theme and age group.

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        That has got to be tough to come up with a menu everyone will like for that age group. Could you take a survey of preferences? Some caterers would have suggestions but many restaurants offer catering so you could choose a specific cuisine. I f you don't want to turn it all over to a caterer maybe that would be the first thing to do? There are huge lists of caterers - delivery, full service and take-out - on I've never hired a caterer in my life so have no experience though I'm familiar with some of the restaurants listed.

        1. re: dexmat

          thanks. After putting some thought into it, I've decided to do it myself. My group isn't too keen on experimenting with different cuisines. So, it might be best to do an something like an "old fashioned" picnic with sandwiches, etc.

          1. re: itsaparty

            Yeah, that sounds like a good idea (except for the 'much more work for you' part).