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Feb 19, 2010 02:39 PM

Parish Pierogi in Northeast Minneapolis?

It's Lent again, when some traditional and fabulous food gatherings take place in church basements.

Another thread is rounding up the fish fry action, and it brought to mind the pierogi/pirohi/piroshky that one of the Polish parishes in NE used to sell on Fridays during lunch.

They seem to have fallen off the radar. Anyone know which parish that is, and whether they are still doing it?

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  1. It is still being done. I saw a sign for it in the last 2 weeks when I was driving along University.

    I can't remember the church.

    1. This is where you're thinking of, and are still on the radar as far as I'm concerned:

      Friday’s for lunch, 11 – 1, Labor Day – Memorial Day. They serve potato, sauerkraut, and prune. Nine pierogi with coffee is only $6.25.

      1. Yes, see St. Constantine information in reply above. They serve every Friday during the school year (it is a church school basement). BTW - it is Ukrainian Orthodox. And you can watch the folks making them while you wait for your food. They also do phone orders for pickup. They are WONDERFUL!

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          Indeed they are wonderful, but they are not served on Fridays the few weeks just before Easter -the cooks are too busy preparing food for the holidays! I am pretty sure they start up again the Friday immediately following (this year, April 9), but don't go this Friday, as they'll be closed. Hours 11-1, be sure to call ahead for pick up orders, since they often run out.

          Also, St. Mary's Orthodox sells them on Fridays from 11-3 (but again, not this Friday). 1701 Fifth St. NE, 612-781-7667

          I <heart> pyrohy.