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Feb 19, 2010 02:07 PM

Cheese Fondue + ?? For Dessert....

We have friends coming over tomorrow night and the main course will be a traditional cheese fondue with bread/apples/potatoes/cornichons and maybe some cooked sausage for dipping. While I love this as a main course I find it difficult to do starters and dessert since I know the fondue is very rich and filling. In the past I always fall back to the same menu - spiced warm olives, some prosciutto and an interesting cheese different to Gruyère and Emmenthal. No bread since we will be eating it with main. I also make a simple green salad as well as apple crostata for dessert. I really want to make something different for dessert this time but not with loads of cream or very heavy. Sorbets maybe but not my first choice. Soufflés are light but is it too much? I also thought of chocolate pots de crème even though they are rich - the serving size is very small. Dessert isn't usually something to cut the richness but is there something else out there? Thanks for any suggestions....

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  1. I like Ina Garten's Lime Meringue Tart...it's light & refreshing especially after a heavy meal

    1. I would suggest something fruit-heavy to complement the cheese and offer a little lightness - a pear tart, maybe? Or roasted ginger peaches.

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        like wine infused pears or roasted pears with vanilla cream or a delicious light fruit fondue with pears, peaches, melon and strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt.

      2. sorbet would be my first choice here, but since you don't want to do that, i'd go with something fruit-based since it's lighter. how about poached pears? or lightly sweetened whipped ricotta with citrus zest, served with fresh fruit?

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely go with a fruit dessert of some kind. We have fresh limes in our garden so I will have a look at the Lime Meringue Tart. I'm also going to look at a pear tart as well since that would be a nice complement to the cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love sorbet but I thought that would be too easy - if that makes sense.

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            well if you want to add to your workload, you can always bake some biscotti or other cookies to go with the sorbet! ;)

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              Hah....I'm always ambitious and then tomorrow around 6PM I'll be in panic mode wondering why I chose the menu I did...but it all works out in the end......I'm baking the bread for the fondue so that should add to the fun.

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                Thanks for all the suggestions...went in the garden but not enough key limes were ripe so went to the store....pears hard as rocks so went with apples BUT made a tarte tatin which everyone really seemed to enjoy. At first I thought I'd cooked the caramel too much , it was dark, but to me was the way I like it. Not sure if I was supposed to do this but took it out of the oven and left it in the pan, rewarmed during dinner and then turned it out.