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Feb 19, 2010 01:23 PM

best late brunch\breakfast

Hey guys, just like any chowhounder I lovee breakfast\brunch. In particular french toast and egg dishes (benedict, etc). The problem is I generally get into the city pretty late 7pm or later. I can't really think of any options other than diners and Clinton St baking Co (still serves pancakes for dinner). I wouldn't mind hearing any diner recomendations if they're good, I don't really know any good diners in manhattan but you don't have to limit your recs to just diners.

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    1. You're in luck DaffyDuck! This month just happens to be Clinton St Baking Company & Restaurants PANCAKE MONTH! I think they're making special pancakes well into the evening. The menu varies but for the next few days, they'll have either classic chocolate chunk or fresh blackberries, pecan streusel, warm maple butte. Sounds amazing. Try checking out their website for more details. Hope this helps.

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        Ugh, sorry, Daffy, i didn't see that you mentioned Clinton St in your post. Duh!

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          it's okay. i tried the banana coconut pancakes with passion fruit syrup this month. it was off the charts! =]

      2. I Love NoHo Star on Lafayette Street for Brunch. My fav is their french toast benedict... amazing!

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          they have this available for dinner?