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Jimmy's Market

What is your favorite thing to eat while there or get from there to make at home. Any good ideas?

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  1. sausage, meatballs, cuban, mexican coke, prosecco.

    1. Jimmy's has excellent Italian sausage, both sweet and spicy varieties. Their meatballs are also outstanding. I am speaking of raw sausage and raw meatballs. You could get cooked versions by ordering a sandwich. All their sandwiches are good. Their frozen lasagne is good too, and offered in both small and large sizes. If you haven't just wandered around at Jimmy's, go do it, as you will not be disappointed.

      1. Jimmy's is my favorite market in Dallas. Period!

        1. Hands down they have the best sausage to be had, they have a good selection of tinned tomato products, their housemade sauces are better than you'd expect and they have an excellent, well priced selection of Italian and Sicilian wines.

          Having said that, I wish they'd do a better job of merchandising their products. Go to a Faicco's Pork Store or Pastosa's and you would see what I'm talking about. And their is no reason why a store with a following like Jimmy's shouldn't have a better bread selection. Madone, it gives me agita when I think about the possibilities!

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            As much as I love Jimmy's, I have to agree with your assessment of Jimmy's weak spots. They'd never make it on Arthur Avenue or, "The Hill". But then again, this is Dallas and we have large ethnic Asian populations not, Italian ones.
            However, I'm thankful they're here. Jimmy's in Dallas, is definitely better than no Jimmy's at all.

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              As a Fordham graduate, thanks for the Arthur Avenue reference...to think all that great food was just blocks form my dorm room...Unfortunately, at the time, all I was interested in was pizza and beer!

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              Get the WeMe Bread Pan de Pueblo at Jimmy's. It's really dense, gorgeous crust. The gal who bakes it delivers Thursday afternoons if you want it straight from the ovens. I agree, for years I have been able to put together a nice meal from the food selection at Jimmy's, but you had to go elsewhere for decent bread.

            3. I found Henry Weinhard's Root Beer at Jimmy's which I have had a hard time finding elsewhere. I prefer Virgil's though, which you can get at Central Market.

              Otherwise, most of the sandwiches hit the spot and the sausages are great to use at home.

              1. Once upon a time, way back when, this was the only store were you could find "hard cheese" to put on top of the pasta..... and as is today, they were closed on Sunday when the "hard cheese" was always needed.

                1. I've never heard of Jimmy's, but is it anything like Claro's in S. California? Do they happen to carry Cuoco pasta con sarde? It is the yellow can with red letters. I only have three cans left. I lived in Memphis for a year and was so desperate for good Italian that I drove all the way to "The Hill" (St. Louis) on a regular basis. My car would be stuffed with everything not only from the great Italian stores there but also from Trader Joe's.

                  1. Went to Jimmy's for the first time today. It was such a great experience, but it was sooooo crowded. I kind of felt like I was back in New York again. I have to agree that the sausage is stand out. Cannolis were pretty good, too. Can't wait to go back when it's not so crowded.

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                      I never go on Saturday during lunch time. The sandwich crowd is 10 deep. I loved going when they were open on Sundays but alas, that's no more. Fortunately, I'm off Mondays so thats when I usually shop there now.

                    2. I'd advise all to get on their email list for info on store specials and wine tastings, etc.

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                        Amen on the email list. There are wine tastings each Saturday 11-4 to add to the confusion, besides the sandwich eaters.

                        Do not park in the Mexican market lot, they have gotten tow happy I hear.

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                          Thanks for the advice. Will be sure to get on their email list asap, but as far as the wine tastings...I might just have to pass. I don't think I could stand the Saturday crowd again! I had to wait on line just to park!

                          What do you think about their meatballs? Are they really that good (not rubbery)? Any suggestions on the ravioli to go? Thanks.

                      2. Avoid the sandwich line by calling your order in while you are on your way to the store and it might be ready just as you reach the counter.

                        1. The meatballs are always in my freezer but you have to try the Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies). They are the only ones that compare to my Great Aunt's cookies.

                          1. Love their spicy sausage...I make pizza with the sausage and sauteed broccoli rabe, or pasta with the sausage and their vodka cream sauce.

                            Also like their prosecco, on its own or generously doused over bowls of gelato, any fruit flavor :-)

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                              There is a free Prosecco tasting at Jimmy's tomorrow (Tuesday) from 5-7. free "nibbles", too.
                              This information courtesy of their email list.

                              About their meatballs. Very good! Not as good as my own homemade but leagues better than Central Market's.
                              I like to brown them and then add to my simmering sauce to cook through.

                            2. Jimmy's is my almost every Saturday ritual. We try to go for a later lunch, because it is VERY popular during peak lunch times. I personally love their spicy italian sausage sandwich. If you feel like indulging, get some of their homemade profiteroles. I could eat all four, but the guilt is the only thing that stops me. We usually go and get sandwiches, and get two glasses of their house wine, and try to snag a seat in the front of the store.

                              In terms of picking things up to bring home: get their canned artichoke bottoms (not the hearts). They are so great for topping with some meat or even just mushrooms and cheese and a quick broil. Ofcourse their D.O.P certified San Marzano tomatoes for homemade pasta sauce, and a few bottles of wine from their fabulous wine selection.

                              1. Have discovered Sopressata - spicy picante, yes! My new favorite cured pork!

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                                  We love their esspresso and also the muffalatta OMG it is so big. Split it with your family.

                                  1. re: Analisas mom

                                    I agree the Muffaletta is tasty, large and reasonably priced. The only comment that I have is about the olive relish. The carrots in the relish are a bit too fresh; thus, too crunchy for my taste. The Cuban is fine as well.

                                2. Cuban Sandwich. spicy or not. The best I've had since Miami.

                                  1. The Italian Beef Sandwich- extra wet to eat there. And the Tamales in the freezer (only because those are my tamales :) )

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                                      OK, now I'm going to have to try the tamales!

                                    2. Just thought I would bump this up since I finally visited Jimmy's today.

                                      1. Jimmy's best attribute is the Italian wine collection. Lots of obscure varietals which is one of my favorite things about Italian wines....

                                        Being a native NY Italian I echo the comments about opportunities for improvement.

                                        That said, as a newbie to Dallas, at least they are here, and despite the improvement opportunities they are a blessing.

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                                        1. re: masnole

                                          As an ex New Yorker as well, I too cherish their presence.

                                          1. re: twinwillow

                                            And where else can you get a Manhattan Special?!?

                                        2. Speaking of the Jimmy's Cuban, does anyone know what kind of hot sauce they use? Seems to be Habanero based.

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                                            If you look on the website, there's a bottle of Matouk's Calypso Sauce in the photo behind the Cuban sandwich.

                                            1. re: el_matarife

                                              ah, good detective work. that makes sense. thanks!