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Feb 19, 2010 12:43 PM

Buckwheat Flour in LA?

Does anyone know where I can find buckwheat flour? I live in Los Feliz, so someplace close by would be great!

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  1. I have found this in Whole Foods before, though not all. I think I also found it in bulk bins at Rainbow Acres. Marina Farms on Centinela, near Jefferson also used to have it. Sorry, I don't live close to you, so have no nearby locations for you. Whole Foods have always been very helpful on the phone with inventory check and price checks. They even held an item for me, when it was the last of it's kind on the shelf. So I highly recommend calling your local WF.

    1. I just went on a massive search for buckwheat flour, and the only place I was able to find it was also Whole Foods. If you're anti-WF, there's a store on Magnolia in Burbank called Food for Life that I was going to try, but they were closed when I drove by so I can't confirm. They do have all natural, organic, whole grain stuff galore, though.

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        The Burbank shop is actually called Full o' Life.

      2. Surfas carries buckwheat flour, with all the flours in the cold case. They handle their grains with great care/great quality. I know it's a bit of a drive from Los Feliz, but worth it.
        I have also bought buckwheat flour at Japanese markets ( for soba !), Mitsuwa has it for sure. So you could check the markets near you, I guess Little Tokyo.

        1. I would've just assumed it would be easy to find in any asian supermarket. I guess it's not as common as I thought. A French supermarket would also have it, since that's what savory crepes are made of.

          1. I thought I saw it at Co-opportunity in Santa Monica. You might want to call and confirm that, though, before you make the drive.