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Feb 19, 2010 12:40 PM

The Best Anguilla Restaurants from a Foodie!

Just returned from the fabulous island of Anguilla. Stayed at the Viceroy and it was Paradise.
Went to the best restaurants and here is my list - in order of best first:
Jacala - unbelievable fabulous! Gorgeous setting, on the beach. Food was incredible.
Veya - beautiful little island house - delicious food, chef was wonderful. Must order the chocolate dessert - it's beyond belief!!
Davida - Excellent
Barrel Stay - Wonderful
Mango's - fabulous setting - great food
Cuisinart - outdoor barbecue poolside - good but not worth the price of $95.00 per person
Hibernia - no, no, no - it is a has been and very far from anywhere. Not worth the ride at all.

You won't go wrong with this list!

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  1. Great review..where is Jacala? That must be new? Was Viceroy complete? You forgot:

    Luna Rosa
    Straw Hat
    E's Oven

    Dying to try DaVida and Koal Keel...heading back in March.

    (too many choices)..did you get to Dune Preserve or Elvis's or Smokey's for music?

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    1. re: phelana

      these are my favorites:
      Trattoria Tramonto
      Barrel Stay
      B&D - weekends only

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        Jacala's goat cheese and grilled watermelon salad rocks..chilled rose, views..phew...

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      1. Which room did you stay in at the Viceroy? We are planning a trip this year and there seems to be so many different options at the Viceroy, but we'd like to try someplace new this time.

        A few of our favorites from last May...

        - Veya (two fabulous dinners - order the shrimp cigar appetizer)

        - Trattoria Tramonto: At lunch we loved the scenic beach view and Magga's friendliness and warmth. Thoroughly enjoyed the lime prosecco, Parmesan salad with a variety of mixed greens and vegetables, cream based chicken and prosciutto chowder, and then we split the lobster ravioli with white truffle cream sauce that the chef was generous to make it even though it is on the dinner menu. What a delicious meal! We had to come back a second time for the lobster ravioli.

        - Le Bon Pain: The most amazing chocolate croissants and pastries!

        - Mango's: agree with cake's comments above about the setting and seafood was fresh

        - Picante: Nice for a more casual night; staff were friendly. The chorizo con queso was a flavorful start, seafood enchiladas - yummy, and churros - oh my! Even though we were not on the beach, the meal was a satisfying way to end the day.

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        1. re: chowmcd

          I have been to Viceroy twice this year..same room, superior suite near Coba BUT I have booked the rooftop for clients. See my blog

          Love Barrel Stay for T'Giving
          Sandbar is supreme for seaside tapas
          Jacala for lunch..phew...

          No more Luna Rosa since Silviestro left.....Picanta great...TT for lunch and beach, Smokeys for lunch and beach and Cote de Mer for Friday fish night..

          Elvis's after all..tell him Annie from Bonaire said hi...

          1. re: chowmcd

            Lucy's in Mead's Bay serves local food..very slow but a great vibe..and nice lady...

            1. re: chowmcd

              Just returned from Anguilla. Best "high end" dinner we had was at Oliver's. Try the Cinnamon Basil Shrimp on Angel Hair for a very unique flavour. I also enjoyed the Crayfish baked in the oven. Very creamy. Loved Sand Bar for Tapas. The owner who is behind the bar makes incredible mixed drinks. More reasonable than the "high end" places. Went to Veya for soup and appetizers. Was not blown away by the shrimp cigar. Went to Hibernia. Did not enjoy as much as Oliver's. Le Bon Pain for the coconut danish. Koal Keel for the pain au chocolat but get there early. Chef, maitre d' and some of the staff from Luna Rosa have opened a new Italian restaurant on Sandy Ground just this week called Dolce Vita. Uncle Ernie's - lousy service and not great food. Tratoria Tremonte for panini late in the afternoon and really good rum punch and friendly service. Smokey's on Sat. afternoon for music and lunch. Now...I diet.

              1. re: Attknee

                Though Olivers, Koal Keel and Sandbar are things of the past, Flavours has opened back up for dinner again in Sandy Ground, and there is another new winner besides Abbi's wonderful Dolce Vita. He opened up a wonderful seafood restaurant at the old "Luna Rosa" location called AXA Seafood House, with the ever-lovin' Silvestro brought back to the island to run it.
                Places that now have added lunch as well as dinner are Dolce Vita and Mangos.
                Bon appetit!

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