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Feb 19, 2010 12:29 PM

Looking for family friendly dim sum



I'm looking for recommendations for a dim sum restaurant that is family friendly. What do I mean by family friendly:

- a not too exotic menu that won't scare away unadventurous grandparents
- a setting that is toddler-friendly
- overall atmosphere that is fun and not too intimidating for the dim sum first timers


  1. Sounds like a job for the Golden Wok. Tech Ridge Center Parmer Lane & I-35 South
    Austin, Texas

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    1. re: sighmesigh

      How's the menu? Do they have Dim Sum at lunch on weekdays, or just weekends?

    2. Shanghai. We've been taking our kids there since they were babes in arms. Now my son (4.5) clamors for shu mai like the best of them.

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