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Feb 19, 2010 12:18 PM

Fort Greene Coffee house Recommendation

Any recommendations for a lowkey comfortable coffee house in Fort Greene where I can kill a couple of hours on the weekend, preferably near BAM? Thanks.

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  1. Not technically in Fort Greene, (but near BAM,) is the flying saucer cafe on Atlantic between Nevins & 3rd. Call ahead though... I heard they were changing owners so they may be temporarily closed. Haven't been in a long time.

    Otherwise, you're going to have to walk up DeKalb, and none of the coffee houses in Fort Greene proper are either low key or comfortable.

    1. There are a few on Dekalb. Bitter Sweet has really great coffee, but it's fairly small. Right next door is Catherine's which is your best bet. Great coffee and food. It has a really comfortable atmosphere and you can hang out there as long as you want. The owner is really nice. Both are on Dekalb between Cumberland and Carlton. Only a short walk to BAM.