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Feb 19, 2010 11:54 AM

Artisanal butter

Hi, would anyone know where I could purchase fine (domestic or imported) artisanal butters ( local retail or Canadian internet supplier). Thanks

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  1. Would you consider Echiré artisanal? SLM has, as does Taste of Cheese:

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    1. re: jlunar

      IMHO, the best of the French pasteurized butterts imported into North America.

    2. I think the closest thing you can get domestically are the products from Sterling Creamery
      They have a salted butter under their own name and an unsalted butter they call "Hastings Whey Butter" you can get them at Culinarium on Mount Pleasant (and elsewhere)

      If you look around you should be able to find the L'Ancetre Bio Organic butter from Quebec (the package is black and white spotted to like a Holstein cow)

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        I haven't had a lot of artisanal butter. But I do really like Sterling. I got mine from Olliffe. Just one clarification - I just looked into my fridge. The unsalted ones is under their own name. The Hastings Whey Butter is salted (just opposite of what bytepusher stated).

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          I think they make salted and unsalted versions for both because I've had salted whey butter and salted stirling butter (which I have in my fridge right now). I got the whey butter in Cumbrae and the stirling one in McEwans.

      2. Sterling whey butter has been available at Reid's Dairy Stores, at regular prices, until a few weeks ago when all Reid's stores closed. One that is close to me at Rosebank and K.R. may re-open as Quickert's, but it has been papered for a month.
        I wouldn't say Sterling whey is any better than Lactantia or P.C. Normandy.

        1. i get my sterling butter from leslieville cheese shop (queen location).

          if i recall correctly, fiesta farms has a pretty good selection of butters as well.

          1. Echire Beurre at Provincial Foods on Church St. Next to Cumbrae's Meats.

            481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA