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Feb 19, 2010 10:43 AM

What happened to my pots de creme?

I recently tried making pots de creme for the first time. Instead of having a pudding-like consistency, the final result was more of a soft solid, akin to a very soft ganache. Still delicious, but just wondering what I did wrong?

- combined milk, cream, sugar and brought to a boil
- tempered egg yolks with about half the milk/cream mixture
- poured tempered mixture into remaining milk/cream mixture
- cooked to custard (* I did overcook at this point, but I strained to remove any eggy bits)
- poured custard over chocolate chips (* recipe called for bar chocolate, but I did not have any)
- allowed to stand & melt chips
- stirred combined milk/eggs/chocolate mixture
- pureed in blender
- poured into ramekins
- refrigerated
- allowed to warm about 15 minutes before eating

Thanks for any suggestions and tips!!

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  1. The ingredients you used are pretty much the standard ones in a typical chocolate pots de creme recipe. Why yours turned out dense are probably dued to the portion of liquid to chocolate. The more chocolate you use, the denser will be the pots de creme. Secondly, chocolate chips are made so that they retain their shape and is very thick when melted; they are not always a good substitute for baking chocolate. Until you list the amount for each ingredients, it is difficult to tell why your version is so dense.
    Also true pots de creme are always baked in a water bath until set.

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    1. re: PBSF

      PBSF has it right. You need to bake the whole kit-and-kaboodle in the oven.

      The recipe instructions you listed sound kind of weird to me.
      Here is a recipe that is similar to on I use. Make sure you use the water bath method.

      1. re: PBSF

        The chocolate type and amount being the culprits makes sense... 13 oz of chocolate chips were used... in hindsight, that was probably a very high ratio of chocolate to liquid!

        Thanks for your advice!

        1. re: PBSF

          Cooks Illustrated does have a non-bake Chocolate Pots de Cream recipe (from 2006) that is (imho) indistinguishable from baked Pots de Cream, much faster and just as wonderful. It's a different method, however, from what the OP describes.