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Feb 19, 2010 10:30 AM

Need fabulous LIGHT app!

My sister has invited a group of us over for dinner tomorrow. Because she eats like a bird, she believes everyone else should. I asked her what I could bring she said, "Nothing fat assed". So I need something light but I want it to be fabulous. Eight adults, five tweens. We're having lasagna for dinner. I have all day tomorrow to shop/prepare/cook. Pretty much open to any idea. I keep thinking shell fish.

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  1. Asian rice cracker (almost negative calories) topped w/ a smear of goat cheese (loosen up some chevre w/ a little skim milk) then edamame (frozen, pre-shelled). Then sprinkle w/ a bit of finely chopped green onion and some Maldon sea salt.

    Surprisingly delicious and attractive. Of course, i would rather have bacon wrapped scallops, but that might qualify as slightly dimple-y, if not totally fat, assed.

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      btw, I got that idea here: you can see pics. I ignored the chili oil part (which I find a little bit nasty) and added the Maldon (a critical addition, if you ask me) Also, I think I followed the suggestion in the one the comments that you put the scallions in the collander before you drain the edamame.

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        I made those for a party and hardly anyone ate them. I can't say that I recommend them, I wasn't impressed either. Not even the chili oil could save them -- plus the goat cheese dries out and gets all cracky and unattractive. Blah.

        1. re: linguafood

          interesting. I made them for a party and they were inhaled, and guests asked for the recipe (not too hard to figure our, really) Crowd of female athletes and lots of vegetarians though.... could have something to do with it.

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        OMG, I love that expression southernitalian! I can't wait to use it on my girlfriends. We have a regular Friday night whine down and we're always asking each other what to bring. Lately I've been trying to focus on lighter apps as well. It's been a challenge, let me tell you.

        Anyways how 'bout something I saw on tv recently. Italian spring rolls. Might go very nicely with your main. You take some arugula, a slice of parmesan, sprinkle lightly with balsamic vinegar and sea salt and roll it up in a slice of proscutto. Dead easy and deelish.

      3. Roasted beet and goat cheese towers
        Red curried mussels on the half-shell

        1. My favorite light app would have to be vietnamese salad rolls..You could do an italian twist on them by filling them with garbanzo beans, olives, salami, romaine and fresh italian basil. Maybe dip them in balsamic vinaigrette?

          Bruschetta would also be nice and light. You could also do crostini with assorted toppings like roasted garlic, olive tapenade and basil pesto.

          1. i make viet salad rolls for my veggie, athletic, trying to be svelte friends. and let them dip in green goddess dressing that is made with half yogurt or silken tofu.

            feta or goat cheese dip, light herby chicken salad in endives..

            i think you can even do mini fritattas or roll some chopped shrimp, chives, egg, micro chopped veggies in a sheet of phyllo cigar style, brush with a bit o'butter and bake them up in 1.5 inch pieces... i mean, leaves are great to eat but i sometimes like to eat something with some heft and protein....

            1. Make a very light shrimp salad, with vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise and heavy on vegetables, and serve it on endive leaves. My calorie-obsessed friends will eat anything using vegetables as stand-ins for bread.

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                Great idea. I do this also but add some chopped jalapeno for a little kick and sprinkle black sesame seeds on top. Very deelish!

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                  - the seafood salad in endive was my first thought too, though i might do crab instead of shrimp
                  - arugula or spinach salad in parmesan frico cups
                  - scallop & shrimp skewers
                  - baked mini crab cakes