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Feb 19, 2010 10:29 AM

wild boar sausage (saucisse de sanglier)

I was given a package of wild boar sausage and wondering what would be good with it. I'm thinking about doing a couple just as sausages with some potatoes and greens. But i'm also thinking about some sort of dish to make with em: maybe with beans or some sort of other hearty thing. I've never tasted these before so looking for recomendations on what to do with em. Thanks!

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  1. I've never had wild boar sausage, but I would imagine something with strong flavors would complement it well. One of our favorite meals is sausage tossed with turnip greens and garlic sauteed in olive oil - I think the gamey-ness of the wild boar would go even nicer with the bitterness of turnip greens than regular sausages.

    1. They are delicious but not too gamy, at least not the ones I had. It makes good pasta sauce, with olive oil and garlic and maybe some parsley and white beans... something like that is what comes to mind.

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        excellent -that's what i was thinking too. i bought some white beans, some french navies and also some black eyed peas yesterday. went out this morning and bought mustard greens and collards (i like doing two different greens at once) and have actually been leaning toward cooking the sausages in the black eyes peas and serving over garlicky, peppery greens

      2. Braised sausage with fruit and wine is a beautiful thing. It gussies up the sausage while still letting it shine.

        You can also grill it for a hotdog and top it with some chutney and/or mayonnaise.