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Feb 19, 2010 09:33 AM

best place to do wine and cheese tasting

so i am headed out with my husband for a few hours on my birthday next sunday afternoon and would really love to do a wine and cheese tasting somewhere - does that exist on a sunday in the middle of the day?

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  1. Palate might do. I know some people don't like it but I do. I found both the cheese and wine people knowlegable & helpful

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      It really depends on where you sit... if you sit at the bar, you get a more more interaction and explainations...

    2. Silverlake Wine has a (usually) 5 flight paired tasting on Sundays @ 2. Different restos/caterers that put together a menu to match the wines from one Vintner. Check their website or give them a call. The notice and info for that current Sunday goes out via e-mail the preceding Thursday.

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        Was also going to suggest Silverlake Winery.

        You could maybe check with Artisan Cheese Store to see if they will set up a private wine/cheese tasting for you & your husband. My friend and MIL threw me a bridal shower there last year and it was amazing - menu included wine & cheese pairings among other items.

      2. Frog's Breath in Orange.
        It's not exactly the most romantic place, but it is quaint and in the heart of Old Town Orange (which can definitely be fun and romantic). They are a cheese and wine store. The owner is very knowledgeable, and they will give you great, patient, service. Not only do they have wine tasting, but beer as well if you're so inclined. Afterward, if not too tipsy, I HIGHLY recommend strolling over to Gabbi's Mexican and getting the best mango margarita you've ever had.

          1. Has anyone ever been to Pourtal in Santa Monica? It looks at least decent and I live on the same block, but I'm never been. Here's the website.