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Feb 19, 2010 09:28 AM

Gdansk, Poland

I am going to be there for a few days in early March---anyone have recommendation for restaurants? Thanks!

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  1. Hi! despite that's my hometown I don't have many recomendations for you (I have emigrated over 7 years ago and many things have changed). Anyway I have 2 places that definitely you should visit

    FIrst is a really good restaurant with traditional polish food - Swojski smak

    Second is an enchanging cafe where definitely you should try Tiger tea and their amazing warm apple pie served with ice cream - Szarlotka. The place is called Pi kawa

    Then I have heard of one place where they serve pierogi (they serve those in many restaurants but this one is dedicated to pierogi). I havent tried it out myself but if you'd like to try here is the address:

    Oh, and this is not food related but it's a place worth visiting even if you are not keen on museums ;
    )Amber museum

    Hope you'll find those links helpful
    Have a great time in Gdansk :)

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      Thanks very much! I appreciate the recommendations and look forward to seeing your home town.