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Mongolian grill/best vegan restaurants in Asheville

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My husband and I are headed to Asheville later this evening for a postponed anniversary trip and we are in a bit of a predicament.

We are currently fasting, but we are allowed fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, unleavened bread, healthy oils. We cannot have sweeteners of any kind or any artificial flavors/colors/preservatives - basically no chemical additives. We figure vegan restaurants should be safe provided we have whole wheat pastas and are sure no sweeteners have been added to the food. That's why I figure a Mongolian grill would work for us - grilled veggies, perhaps some brown rice or soba/buckwheat noodles.

Anyone know of anyplace that might work?

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  1. I'm not sure of any Mongolian spots in Asheville, but the Laughing Seed has several vegan options.