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Feb 19, 2010 08:48 AM

Have been in Greensboro for 2.5 years - still can't find the unique?

I've lived in Greensboro now for 2.5 years. I don't have a huge budget to play with, but I enjoy food and experiencing new things. Part of the excitement of going out to eat is the atmosphere for me. I'm a single girl with zero unmarried friends in this state and I'm tired of sittin' around and missing out. I'm looking for comfortable places to seek out and take myself to that aren't just going and sitting at some chain restaurant and looking sad. haha. I can't wait on anyone else so I have to just get out there! Any ideas of some unique, interesting places to go?

Also - any good wine tours around here? I'm originally from NY (The Finger Lake region) and loved going on the tours back home. I'd love to find something like that to do here.


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  1. So you are looking for places where you'd feel comfortable dining solo? For me, that usually means eating at the bar. You might want to try Pastabilities, Lucky 32, Cafe Europa, Bonefish Grill (a chain, but a pretty good one), Fishbones, Bert's Seafood Grill, M'Couls Public House (an "irish" pub).

    For wine tours, Google "Yadkin Valley Wine Tours." I can't vouch for any of them, perhaps others have some direct experience.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. A few of them I've been to. I'm not really a fan of Lucky 32, but I happen to adore Pastabilities. M'Couls ...been there. It's okay, but sitting at a bar by yourself when you're female isn't actually the same as it is for guys so I'm hesitant about that. Perhaps I'm destined to be sitting on the couch every weekend, lol, I don't know. Sad...sad...sad.

    2. there is a lot that is unique in gso - what have you tried so far? I must agree with carolina dawg that many of the best places to eat at the better local places are at the bar whether solo or not. but i have an xy perspective on that one:) Try saigon, small bar and not alot of singles so less worries but it is a good chance to have good food. I must concur with the bar dining recs for bonefish and berts. Not large or very sceney but comfortable with good service and good food. also try undercurrent.

      I will also second him on the yadkin valley wine tours.

      another alternative is to setup a chow meetup - lots of folks from different walks of life gathering for good chow and good conversation.

      last but not least I would try any small ethnic place. they usually have cheaper prices and owners passionate about the food. I would say that most are low on the atmosphere though. One side benefit is that if you ask them about their food they will usually share other good eating tips with you. As an example the owner of Pakse has let me know when the southeast asian community has different events or if their is a special food at his shop that he wants me to try

      1. I'd say if you had friends in the RDU area to make a trek here though I know an hour drive just to eat may not be worth it. I don't know about dining solo.. if I'm given the option of going out by myself or staying in... I'll probably choose the latter.

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          Well I don't have friends in, not very likely I'd have friends in Raleigh. Also, not going to drive an hour to go eat by myself. I'm confident to go somewhere alone, I don't see an issue with that. I just don't want to go to a bar alone. I don't think that's a very wise decision being female.

          I've been to the usual places, but I don't know...perhaps I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. Just something different I guess. I'm sick of the chain restaurants.

          Thanks for the advice!

          1. re: GSOYankee

            I wish I could be more helpful with GSO dining scene. What about the Vietnamese offerings in the area? On a different note, the last place I ate was Liberty Oak but thats more fine dining and down the street from Fincastle's and Natty Green's.

            I guess my thinking with RDU is that I know it better and I know there are a lot of Northerner's though most of the ones I know are either from Mass. or from Buffalo and the city.

        2. I grew up in GSO and I come back up a lot since my folks still live there. Two places that we enjoy are Bert's

          and Ly's Vietnamese on High Point Road. The Ly family is lovely and you'll feel comfortable there alone. Good luck and have fun.

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          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            GSOYankee, it's not exactly unique but I've always enjoyed meals at the Green Valley Grill in the O.Henry. I could conceivably dine solo (I'm female) in the lovely main or other room.

          2. Have you tried any of these non-chains?

            Salvino's (Italian) and New York Deli- on Battleground Ave. across from Brassfield.

            1618 West Seafood Grille- Friendly Ave.

            Southern Lights is supposed to reopen soon near Target on Lawndale Dr.

            Basil & Co.- across from Lucky 32.

            You would be comfortable eating alone at any of these places, at the bar or at a table.

            What are you doing in Greensboro? Could you eat out with co-workers or co-students?