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Feb 19, 2010 08:46 AM
Discussion for lunch on a Sat. that is family friendly?

My family and I is planning to go to Nashville, Tn to spend the day at the Adventure Science Center on Fort Negley Boulevard on Sat. We wanted to find a budget and family friendly place for lunch. Any suggestions would be great. We are open to any kind of foods. Any taco truck locations or hole in the wall place is no problem with us. Just want to make sure that our three little ones isn't in a bar or a way too crowded location. You know the places where you can't get a seat for an hour or is elbowing the table next to you when you're eating. Though take out is also fine because there are nice parks in the area. Just that some food isn't as great when you order take out. A place near the center would be best, but will still drive at least 20 min for good food. Thank you.

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  1. Two choices on 8th Ave. in Melrose -- Athens Diner (Mediterranean and American) or B&C Barbecue a little further down in the Kroger center near 440.

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      I was also going to mention Athens, although on Saturday lunch it may be busy -- they also serve breakfast all day and it's a popular spot on the weekends. B&C is brand-new, haven't heard much about it. Also in the South Nashville area:

      Gabby's Burgers & Fries
      Couva Calypso Cafe
      Baja Burrito
      Fat Mo's
      Siam Cafe
      Thai Taste
      Cheeseburger Charlie's -- it's a chain, but a local chain

      I also like The Melrose and 12 South Tap Room, but I don't know what you mean by "not a bar" ... places like this frequently welcome children, and all restaurants in Nashville that are not 21-and-over are smoke-free.

      Maffioza's is popular but it doesn't thrill me.

      There are tons of Mexican restaurants down Nolensville Rd -- the one I frequent is closed due to remodeling after a fire, so I don't have specific recs but they are plentiful. I hear good things about Las Americas Taqueria And Pupuseria, and Los Arcos, though I haven't experienced them personally.

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        Thank you guys for the replies. All really helpful.

        By the bar thing...I ment that there are some places that is mainly about the bar not the food. My kids are foodies already (probably because I'm a foodie). Some places with the bars get a little more rowdy than the kids or I would like to be. I'm not saying all. I have no problems with bars.

        We just wanted to know more of Nashville while we are living near it. We love mom and pop kind of places. Trying to stay away from the usual national franchises. What we've seen has been wonderful.

    2. I suggest Hot Diggity Dogs.