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Feb 19, 2010 08:45 AM

Mariscos German truck in Ocean Beach!

Just got word that there is a new Mariscos German truck in the Apple Tree Market parking lot (Cable between Newport and Santa Monica.) This is the coolest thing to happen in OB since Azucar opened!

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  1. I ate there wed nite - really good - and they know how to fill the tacos

    1. That is awesome. The only thing better would be the parking lot next to South Beach.


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        1. re: keena

          9 - 7 every day, they tell me. So incredibly awesome.

        2. re: Josh

          I was thinking get the tacos, take them straight to the beach :)

          1. re: Shannon

            Nice addition for OB, hope they stick around for a long time.

            1. re: cstr

              Had lunch there today. Lady said they would stay as long as they had support. Place is legit, nice score for OB. People lets keep them around.

        3. They were doing a good (and tasty) business today. I hope they stay in OB!

          1. Been there for lunch the last two days, and I'll be there tomorrow, as well. Fantastic smoked marlin tacos, pulpo, and they're handing out complimentary cups of seafood soup while you wait for your order.

            They said they have no plans to move. They seem to be doing fairly good business, and being located so close to Wednesday's Farmer's Market won't hurt.

            1. I just came back form the MG truck in OB. I ate at 10:30am, and they had 5 other customers while I was there. I ordered the smoked marlyn, and gobenader tacos and both were great. The smoked marlyn was so over-stuffed with fish that I had to eat about 50% with a fork before I could even attempt to pick it up. My free seafood soup had two fat shrimp it it as well, not bad for a freebie. As word gets out, they should take a serious bite out of South Beach Bar and Grill's food crowd. These tacos far surpass any I have had at SBB&G.