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Fish Fry in Boston?

Does anybody know of a Lenten Fish Fry in the Boston area? I'm in Brighton, so one around here would be ideal, but I will travel for a good fish fry. Thanks!

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  1. Some of my customers do fish frys out in Worcester. That's as close to Boston as you're going to get.

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      Typhoon- Can you offer the names of said customers? Are they churches?

    2. I am not going to be able to help, as I don't know what a Lenten Fish Fry is, sooooo......what is it? My curiosity has been picqued!

      1. Not a church-type event, but Morse Fish in the South End is doing the equivalent of a good fish fry every night of the week: it seems especially popular on the traditional Friday nights. Cheap, super-fresh, tasty, and your more health-conscious friends can order their fish / shellfish broiled ($1 extra!).


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        1. You might want to try Doyle's in JP. I hail from Fry Fry Country and few places in town will meet your expectations. Most fish will be frozen - or it's served in 'nicer' places that seem to charge more than it's worth. If you want to stick closer to home look for a traditional Irish pub.

          1. This area is far afield of the Great Lakes, and so I would suggest it's likely to disappoint.

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              Fish fries are also still very common just over the border in rural upstate NY, so I wouldn't rule it out! Have you tried calling up local VFW branches? That (or the Grange) is probably the first place I'd try in NY, so maybe the same logic holds here...

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                Upstate NY is....part of the Great Lakes region. I am quite familiar with fish fries in upstate NY. Massachusetts is part of New England, with a different regional bias in traditions. Borders may not divide as they once did, but they are not entirely meaningless.

            2. There are some in the area if you travel, but its a lot more common in Conneticut.


              On the Cape:

              Andover KoC does a "fish bake" and the Harvard KoC does something. You might also check around the Peabody area as I thought I saw a flyer last year for lenten fish dinners (but might not have been a fry). But to find them, parish newsletters and posters seem to be easiest way as I don't think there is a combined Diocese calendar which is updated with events like this. Southern Baptist Churches in the area also tend to do fish fries in the Summer (sometimes catfish, sometimes haddock/cod).

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                Itaunas, do you mean the town of Harvard Knights of Columbus, or Harvard Square (is there a branch)? I couldn't find any info about this online when I checked last week, and I remember I called them last year to no avail.

                I would really love to go to one!

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                  Harvard University. I found a link a link which looks to be current, their "fish fry" is fish tacos and a film.


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                      Obviously and do you expect a student organization to do a classic fish fry? That was why I said above "does something" and included it with the Andover "fish bake."

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                        I wasn't correcting you but trying to modulate dulce's expectations...I happen to be a member of that parish....

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                          Ok, thanks anyway!

                          I guess this is another of my childhood foodways that I'm going to have recreate on my own.

                          What might be a good East Coast substitute for lake perch? I don't even think I would attempt frogs legs.

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                            Other than trout and arctic char (the latter typically farmed in real or artificial ponds or pools in subarctic regions), or fish like carp that are found in east Asian markets, you're not likely to find freshwater fish in markets around here.

                            But you can try also the kinds of things that are local to New England, like bean suppers, or Rhode Island May breakfasts.

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                  There's the shad bake in Essex CT.:

                  A bit far from Boston, but unique and fun.

                3. excuse my ignorance but how is this different than going to a restaurant that serves a decent fish fry?

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                    Well, I'm cannot speak for bigredsox, but for me, in my childhood, the neighborhood Catholic community would all go to a KofC hall on Fridays, where you'd get a heaping plate of fish (or frogs legs) plus french fries or hush puppies, coleslaw, etc.

                    That's all that was served (I don't even think they cooked food there any other time, except maybe for weddings), and it was a social event, a big party you stayed at for hours.

                    So while you could get the food at a restaurant, you'd be missing the experience. Better to cook at home and invite friends.

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                      dulce, you describd it very well. I am originally from MIchigan and have been looking for one of these for a few years now. They don't seem to exist in mass. The fish fryes also were often at VFW halls as well as Kof C's. The menu you list is about right, except some places would have fried shrimp at times. And you also can't forget the cans of Bud. Looks like we'll just have to find a nice pub for fish and chips tonight, although if anyone knows of a proper fish fry in the Worcester area, it would be appreciated.

                  2. Anyone do a fish fry in the summer, end of July?