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Feb 19, 2010 07:36 AM

best bagel in east village

anyone want to vote on best bagel near cooper square or washington square park?

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  1. For bagels in the EV, the 14th Street location of David's used to be our pick until they closed, sometimes we go up to the branch on 1st and 20th. A friend has been raving about the bagels at the shop on 3rd and 11th, though we've yet to try.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Everything Bagels cafe on 3rd and 11th is not worth your time. At best they're average bagels on the small/soft side; on a bad day, they're soggy with slimey cream cheese. I really wouldn't go...

      That said, I'm really craving a bagel this morning in the neighborhood but it seems there isn't anything great. I've been getting the bagels at Mud Spot, but they're just not doing it for me. Any suggestions?

      1. re: lawstud

        I noticed that 9th Street Bakery sells old fashioned water bagels -- boiled then baked. Smaller than the giant ones you get these days. Worth a try?

        1. re: kathryn

          Just went to 9th Street Bakery this morning -- are these even bagels? They seem like regular white rolls -- soft and fluffy. That said, I had a chocolate horn that was out of this world -- heavier and sweater than I like, but the perfect compliment to a cup of coffee.

          Any other recs? I'm dying for a decent bagel place within walking distance of my place (E. 9th and 2nd).

    2. i really like the bagels at bagel boss on 15th and 1st and also david's on 19th and 1st. close to washington square park, the best are probably bagel bob's on university or murray's on 12th and 6th.

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        1. re: filmbomb

          Do they bake their own? Or get them from somewhere else?

          1. re: kathryn

            i think they get them from a place called davidov's. i think david's, bagel boss, and murray's are the best in the area. the bagels at russ & daughters are pretty good and so are surprisingly the ones at 71 irving.

            1. re: kathryn

              Whole Foods sources from Davidovich, which I think Russ and Daughters uses, too...Not sure but they seem very similar. WF also sources from Iggy's (which I think is located in Cambridge, MA) and their version is quite different from the other--crisper crust, less air in the dough.

              1. re: penthouse pup

                I will take everyone's word that WF sources from Davidovich, but IMO that seems like a good thing. They could get bagels from anywhere, and they get from there and bring them to us from Queens. Thanks WF! I looked up Davidovich:

                Welcome to Davidovich Bagel & Lox Factory

                We provide the finest bagels in NYC and surrounding areas!

                Davidovich Bagel Factory Statement:

                We use only unbleached, unbromated flour. We add no conditioner or softener to our flour. We hand roll and kettle boiled our bagels. We always put the seed on both side of the bagels.


                Interesting list of who gets Bagels from them too:

                1 David's
                David's Bagels is one of our best customers you can taste our fresh bagels there daily!
                2 2nd Avenue Deli
                Fresh bagels delivered daily!
                3 Balducci's
                Many locations for your convinience!
                4 West Side Market
                Freshly baked bagels delivered daily!
                5 Whole Foods Market
                We deliver Fresh Daily to all of NYC and NJ locations!
                6 Ritz Carlton Hotel
                You can try some of our pastries at one of the best hotels in NYC.

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