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Feb 19, 2010 06:51 AM

Artisanal cocktails UWS?

My friend is in town with his fiance, his mother, and some additional family members. They are eating at Fatty Crab on the UWS (77th and Broadway) and want a recommendation for an artisanal cocktail bar after dinner. Since this is my neighborhood, they have asked me for a recommendation. I am drawing a bit of a blank. Any recommendations? I did a little searching online and am thinking Columbus Circle has some options - MObar, Stone Rose Lounge... This places are not really my scene but seem about right for this particular crowd. Can anyone tell me if those are good options or make a better recommendation closer to 77th and Broadway? I was thinking Bar Bao might be an option.

Thank you!

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  1. It's a little south of Fatty Crab, but Bar Boulud? Haven't tried their cocktails but it seems like it'd be better than most other options up there....that area needs some mixologist love!

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      No kidding! We definitely do. Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. They aren't really cocktail bars, but 81 and dovetail both make pretty good cocktails. Dovetail just increased the size of the bar, so it's a little more comfortable to grab a drink there than before. Dovetail is on 77th and Columbus, and 81 is on 81st bw Columbus and CPW.

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        Thank you. We met up with the group last night at 81 (I had the same thought about going there shortly after posting). We had the place to ourselves which was okay because there was 10 of us. They had last call around 11 so we headed over to Barbao for another one. The group seemed to like the vibe and drinks at Barbao a bit better but all in all it was a success.

      2. Right next door at West Branch...competent bartenders and pleasant place to sit.

        The bar at Telepan is also a good option.

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          Thank you! I will keep those in mind. I have a lot of houseguests coming soon so I will need some good options in the hood.