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Feb 19, 2010 06:25 AM

Boozy Brunch Ideas

I know the link from winedanddined. I have a list of places in my head. what are your favorite boozy brunch spots that don't cost a lot of money?

Nero, Paradou, Essex, Poco, Mercadito, Il Bastardo, you have other ideas or comments?

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  1. Calle Ocho (but they only do the unlimited sangria on Sundays)

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    1. re: bkfan16

      A lot of people love Sunburnt Cow. I believe they have an $18 all you can drink brunch. I went and was somewhat unimpressed with the food but it might have been an off-day. I like Essex (The Aristocrat is great) but it is always a loud, crowded scene so you have to be in the mood.

      1. re: WSfoodie

        Personally I found the Sunburnt cow's food to be a whole level above Essex. I found Essex found inedible. And the crowd is obnoxious for my taste.

        I love Sunburnt cow and Calle Ocho. Also Tre has all u can drink mimosa's for brunch

        1. re: kelea

          I will give it another try. They are opening the Sunburnt Calf a few blocks from my house. Agree on the crowd at Essex. I personally really enjoyed the Aristocrat dish but that is all I have had there.
          As for Calle Ocho, I went there for dinner once and was also annoyed by the crowd. Is the brunch scene better?

          1. re: WSfoodie

            Is Sunburnt Calf still not open? I know they did a NYE party and a soft opening about a month ago. Figured it was open by now.

            1. re: bkfan16

              Slated for April 1, I believe, with special events in the interim to genrate some buzz.

              1. re: WSfoodie

                I'm counting down the days till Sunburnt calf is open. I'm a UWSider as well :) it'll be nice to only have to stumble a few blocks home drunk rather than that hike to alphabet city.

                Calle ocho...i think the brunch crowd is a little more pleasant that dinner. I've been there for both

                1. re: kelea

                  So.... I tried Sunburnt Calf on the UWS for brunch with a few friends. Although my first experience with Sunburnt Cow was underwhelming, I trust Chowhounders enough to give it another try. I have to say I remain unimpressed and got the same sense from my friends who were visiting from Chicago and have been wow'ed by all of our other NYC culinary experiences.

                  I will give the SC credit for certainly making it boozy. We took advantage of the unlimited drinks brunch special. On top of the bloody mary's, mimosas, and beers we ordered, we were given many shots of some fruity tequila concoction (not very good). I will also give them credit for service. The bartender and waitstaff were adorable australian guys who were very friendly and charming.

                  After that, I don't have much good to say. The bar area is kind of dark and awkward and the back area was a stroller parking lot. The menu was pretty limited and the food was just okay. The bloody marys are something you would get at a parking lot tailgate.

                  I think this place would be great for a group of young, single girls who aren't that into food. They can sit at the bar, flirt with the bartender, and get wasted. I will not be rushing back anytime soon.

            2. re: WSfoodie

              Calle Ocho doesn't have the same brunch scene. It is less packed and less preened for brunch, though it does get busy around 12-2. There are also a lot of birthday partiers there.

        2. re: bkfan16

          calle ocho does saturday brunch can make resies on opentable.

          1. re: smokeandapancake

            good to know...i thought the AYCD sangria was just on Sundays.

            1. re: bkfan16

              Yeah i think ACYD sangria was an only sunday thing the last i checked.

          2. More of a bar than a restaurat PS 450 has a brunch special that' for $20 you get a basket of mini muffins, entree and unlimted bloodies, mimosas and bellinis. It doesn't have much going on, more of a sports bar, but the food is good and the price is right.


            1. Had a nice mid-week lunch at Lusso a few weeks ago. While there, I saw they have a Sunday brunch at $25 pp including unlimited brunch-type "cocktails".