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Feb 19, 2010 06:19 AM

casual eats

So, I am staying at the MGM Grand for three nights. I am already doing Thursday Aureole and Friday Craftsteak. I dont' want to get too "planny." So, I might do a nice dinner on Saturday, maybe not. I am looking for suggestiosn on spots for a quick bite, not too far from the hotel, or even in the hotel, that are great. I don't want to break the bank the again after those two dinners, but also want some good grub.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hidden gems? I am thinking lunches and breakfasts, etc.


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  1. In the MGM Grand is Craftwich which is a nice sandwich shop with first rate ingredients. I've found it to be a nice break from the high end meals. If you decide on another high end meal, I'd recommend L'Atelier by Joel Robuchon. I've had the full tasting menu which was killer but they've been running a shorter, less expensive tasting menu. Sit at the counter for sure and watch the chefs work.

    I've had surprisingly good, simple meals at Lupo by Wolfgang Puck at Mandalay Bay. Last time I was there I had a nice glass of wine and killer Carbonara and total bill was about $20.