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Feb 19, 2010 06:09 AM

Manteo or Roanoke Island lunch?

Wide open for recs, but really looking for seafood. Sugar Shack is in the plans; Did Basnight's Lone Cedar close? I plan on going to Festival Park area and Fort Raleigh.

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  1. Lone Cedar is open, but i think they currently are only doing lunch on Sat and Sun. Manteo is tough this time of year...a lot of places are closed for the winter. I ate a a deli style place near the waterfront last January...Magnolia Grill maybe? It was good, not great, not a seafood place.

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      Had dinner at Lone Cedar and it just didn't ring my bell. I love fried oysters and I saw they were having a special of fried oysters one night so I went and sat at the bar. Service was fair (there were only a handfull of people and two bar servers). The oysters were just OK and there were a good many of them. The mashed sweet potatoes and slaw and cornbread all seemed like they were over sweetened to appeal to the masses.

      The next night I stopped by Sugar Creek to check it out on my way home. Much like a fish market with glasss cases and seafood on ice. They also have fried baskets and a few little tables to eat in. I chatted with a regular about what he liked to get and ended up eating with him at one of the little tables. I got what he was getting which was 1 lb of steamed shrimp and a dozen steamed oysters. They were great. Perfectly steamed and the seasoning on the shrimp was finger licking good. Oysters were small, juicy and perfectly salty. I'll deffinately go back there.

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        Your report sounds similar to every other review of Lone Cedar that I've heard from those whose opinions I trust. I've only gotten seafood to take home and cook at Sugar Shack...I'll have to get something to eat in next time I'm down that way. Your other rview of Kill Devil Grill sounded great! BTW, if you're looking for a basic, diner style breakfast, Henry's is a good choice.

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          The The Sugar Shack meal with tea was $10 plus tip jar. Lone Cedar was $18 plus tip. Boo-hoo, I could've tripled Sugar Shack visits..... :- )