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Feb 19, 2010 06:07 AM


Lookin long and hard for a good Chineese Restaurant. without having to go downtown
Edmonton Area

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  1. Give up, it doesn't exit. Chinese food in Edmonton ranges from horrible to mediocre.

    1. Now Dan you're gonna scare poor Dlink away...

      What part of the city are you wanting and are you looking for authentic or westernized Chinese food?

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      1. re: anonymoose

        Dan you must have been reading my mind as I was about to give up. Thanks to anonymoose there still may be hope. anonymoose Thanks for the reply I have lived in Alberta for over 20 yrs, but from the West Coast, where finding good Restaurants, were pretty much out your back door. I am looking for either as all my hits have been pretty much misses.

      2. I enjoy Golden Rice Bowl for Chinese food in general or Jumbo

        1. For south Edmonton:

          I like Beijing Beijing in South Park, Edmonton, now that it's been taken over by former managers from Golden Rice Bowl.

          Also just discovered a tiny restaurant in Ermineskin strip mall called "649" restaurant that serves actual Chinese hot pot which I plan to take my parents to very soon. They also make their own jiaoza/dumplings which were good. The western Chinese food was average, but better than food courts.

          1. You aren't going to find Chinese food in Edmonton like you do on the West Coast unfortunately. Not sure we ever will have that.

            You still didn't say what part of town you were looking for other than outside of downtown,

            Jumbo (West)
            Golden Rice Bowl (South)
            Buddy Wonton (South)
            Tin Tin over on Parsons Road (South)
            Cha for Tea (West)
            Wok N Roll (northeast)
            Good Buddy (South and North, although I still find the north one hit and miss)

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