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Feb 19, 2010 05:45 AM

Birthday dinner on a Tuesday-- help! (Dutchess County)

I need to schedule a birthday dinner for my boyfriend on a Tuesday. I was looking at American Bounty, Mercado, and Swoon Kitchenbar-- all closed Tuesdays. Can anyone recommend something similar that's open during the week? We're willing to drive throughout Dutchess, to Westchester, up to Ulster or Columbia, etc.

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  1. Il Barilotto is excellent. Aroma Osteria, their sister restaurant in Wappinger Falls, is said to be good as well.

    Both are open on Tuesday.

    1. twist is nice:

      i also like the would:

      i've heard rave reviews about the terrace:

      good luck!

      1. I've got to second the recommendation of Aroma Osteria. It's one of the area's best restaurants Italian or otherwise and a great place/nice setting for a birthday dinner with your boyfriend.