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Feb 19, 2010 05:22 AM

Help! large fun party of 10-20- Blue Duck, Restaurant Eve or Black Salt or other suggestions

Just wanna have fun and a great meal, no budget

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  1. 20 people might be pushing it but I held my boyfriend's birthday party with about 13 people at Cafe Atlantico and we had a great time.

    If it's a private room you are looking for I would recommend Central or Acadiana.

    1. You had best qualify the "no" of "no budget." Do you mean it has to be as cheap as possible because there's no budget for this party, or that you don't care if it's expensive (but please give us a hint of your practical limit)?

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        thanks for pointing that out about the budget. $ will not determine if we dine there or not based on price. I will check out Cafe Atlantico

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          Be careful using the words "no budget" in restaurants like Eve, BlueDuck, etc. I am not at all suggesting that they would do anything questionable. But even "no budget" means different things to different people. That could be construed as "I'm Hollywood Mogul/Professional Athlete/Bill Gates/etc, bring on your very best," which could result in a bill that is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars per person.

      2. The Chef's table at Blue Duck is fun and very tasty and will seat 12-14, i believe.

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        1. other options include buying out Komi, if you have 20 people, upstairs at Zaytinya is fun and still keeps you in the atmosphere of the place, citronelle has private rooms but that might be quieter than you want, BLT Steak has a private room or they can throw you into the middle of the dining room for more "fun" - but caution--the dining room is very loud, and i believe Bourbon Steak has small private rooms.

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