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Feb 19, 2010 05:15 AM

Friday's During Lent in Central Jersey?

For any of you Catholics out there, where do you go on Friday's during lent for some good seafood cuisine?

Anyone know anywhere with good fish and chips?

Blue Pointe Grill in Princeton is a good option for seafood, but not necessarily fish and chips. And I really like the fish and chips that The Yardley Inn across the river in PA does with tilapia.

Curious to hear some other options! Cheers! -mJ

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  1. LOL! I took the title of your post to mean that you were thinking of going to Friday's (the chain) during Lent.

    Here's an old thread that might help you in your quest for good fish and chips:

    And thanks for the comment about The Yardley Inn. We're planning to go there for lunch in the next couple of weeks so I may try the fish and chips.

    1. Triumph in Princeton has beer battered fish & chips. The food gets mixed reviews but I recall enjoying their f&c's in the past. Always like their stouts as well - specially this time of year.

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        Triumph does indeed have decent fish and chips and is on my list. Like their IPA as well! -mJ

      2. When they first opened a few years ago, I thought the fish and chips at Grasshopper off the Green in Morristown were quite good. the last time I had them, they weren't quite as good as I remembered them.

        1. Tilapia? For fish & chips? Blasphemy!

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            All kidding aside, in Belmar, both Brandl. and Matisse are doing 2 for 1 fish nights on Fridays.

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              I thought that was odd too, but damn are they good! -mJ

            2. Sorry, man, but pizza was the Lent tradition in my family - usually at the Hamilton Ave DeLo's. 30 to 60-minute waits were the norm.