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Feb 18, 2010 09:14 PM

Seeking good French Cassoulet in PDX

Visiting PDX from 2/25 through 2/28 and trying to find a basic French Bistro or Brasserie which has a good solid Cassoulet. (not necessarily the fattiest one, just very tasty!)

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  1. I know it is on the menu at the recently re-opened Brasserie Monmartre, but I have not been there yet.

    I've mostly only seen it as a special here and there.

    1. Carafe has had true cassoulet in the past. Right now their menu lists a Pacific Cod described as "Cassoulet" (quotes theirs) of heirloom beans and peppers with sauce verte. I don't know how current they keep their online menu, so they may have a true cassoulet right now. If you're not dead-set on cassoulet and just want a good French bistro, Carafe is your best bet.

      I actually had the Brasserie Montmartre's version last Friday. It was sort of deconstructed: duck confit, pork belly, and pork loin, cooked individually and served on top of white beans. The meats were great, the beans not so much (a bit overcooked and dried out, lacking the creamy richness of a true cassoulet).

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        I find Carafe highly over-rated. I think their food is mediocre at best, and overpriced for what it is. It's also impossible to have a conversation there because the noise level is awful. I've lived in France so I know French food, and I've never understood why Carafe always gets such high praise.

      2. Hard to find on lunch menus (a "petit cassoulet" is at Le Bouchon: pork, no duck.) The real thing is at Higgins and Castagne for dinner. Excellent.