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Where to Eat Near the Biltmore (That Isn't the Biltmore)

Any suggestions on cafes, sandwich places or delis in the neighborhood of the Biltmore? Room service is fine, but I'm diabetic and need food while I'm out and walking about downtown. Last time I stayed there a few years back, there wasn't much that I could find...any help?

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  1. You can slide into the Water Grill right next door and, without spending too much, have an amazing bowl of Clam Chowder (some of the best ever) or some terrific choices from their iced seafood bar.

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        I second Mendocino Farms on 5th and Flower. http://www.mendocinofarms.com/

        Cafes/Sandwich shops just a block's walk from the Biltmore:
        Sandwich Shop on 6th and Grand. http://www.sandwichshopla.com/
        Bruno's Cafe on 6th and Olive.
        Emerson's Cafe on 6th and Olive.
        Arda's Cafe on 6th and Hill. http://www.ardascafe.com/Ardas_Cafe/A...
        Union Bagel on 6th btw Grand and Olive. http://www.unionbagel.com/location.html
        Loose Leaf on 6th and Hope. http://www.eatlooseleaf.com/

        Other restaurants nearby:
        Sultan's Chicken on 6th btw Hill and Broadway. http://sultanchicken.com/
        Bottega Louie on 7th and Grand. http://www.bottegalouie.com/main.html#
        Nickel Diner on 5th and Main. http://nickeldiner.com/
        Colori Kitchen on 8th and Olive. http://colorikitchen.wordpress.com/

      2. Check out the Wood Spoon, a delightfully charming downtown Brazilian café. Savory pork sandwich. The chicken potpie is one of the best ever and well worth the 5-minute drive or 15-minute walk from the Biltmore. A glass (or pitcher) of their deliciously refreshing sangria is a must have.

        Wood Spoon
        107 W. 9th St
        Los Angeles, CA 90015
        (213) 629-1765

        Bon Appetit!

        1. Bottega Louie is new and nearby and I heard that Drago Centro just started a panini bar. Mendocino Farms is uphill from the Biltmore but worth the trek.

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          1. You may get some other ideas from this thread that was put up just 3 days ago: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/688410

            Another good place for a nice lunch (midweek only) or dinner with a view would be Cafe Pinot which is maybe 3/4's of a block W from your hotel on 5th Street.

            Cafe Pinot
            700 West Fifth St., Los Angeles, CA 90071

            1. There's walking distance and then there's walking distance.

              There are lots and lots of restaurants in and around the Biltmore. Some are more walking distance friendly (e.g. Water Grill, Cicada) than others (e.g. Wood Spoon or the Farm) and if you take the DASH you basically have all of downtown and Chinatown and Little Tokyo at your disposal.

              Best to let us know what you like to eat. We know your diabetic, but gives us some parameters in terms of food preferences and you'll get more responsive responses.

              By the way, a great sandwich spot is Mendocino Farms, but to get there you're going to have hike, er, walk up Bunker Hill, which is quite a climb depending on your fitness level.

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                Mendocino Farms opened a second location a couple of months ago at the corner of 5th and Flower, so, just one flat block away!
                Bunker Hill Location - 300 S Grand Ave (213) 620-1114
                5th and Flower Location - 444 S Flower St (213)627-3262
                Hours 11:00am-3:00pm Mon-Fri

              2. Oh, thanks, guys! Great ideas... Well, I like Chinese, Japanese (but not sushi), Italian, burgers, seafood, sandwiches. Not Mexican, Thai, Indian or other of that ilk. Because of the diabetes, and because I hate veggies, I tend to stick to protein and a bit of carbs like pasta or rice.

                I love Philippe's and Yang Chow, so I suppose I could take a cab...but thanks for the great suggestions.

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                  The Biltmore is right next to the Pershing Square Metro Station (red line) which will connect you (via Union Station) to Chinatown and Little Tokyo.


                  There is also a thread somewhere that lists all the restaurants close to the various metro stations -- you should search for that.

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                    You can walk half a block South on Olive to Cicada. You can drop down to Main and hit The Nickel at 5th & Main. And Banquette Cafe and Pete's at 4th & Main. Among others.

                2. LA New York Pizza, on 6th between Grand & Olive

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                    I just returned from a week downtown at the Biltmore and then the Marriott at LA Live! I second Cafe Pinot (only if you sit outside on the terrace). That said, the food is nowhere near as well executed as Patina and lunch seemed tired.

                    Rivera was very interesting - service, drinks, tapas and entrees were a eye opening surprise to me. I would recommend this if you are looking for alta Mexicana/Spanish cuisine. Inventive and creative efforts in the kitchen, at the bar and the service was terrific.

                    Can't say the same for Zucca. Pleasant patio but unexceptional food. Is Splichal even involved these days? He expanded but Pinot and Zucca are just not at the level they were several years ago when I was last there. The Palm has good steaks and stiff drinks and an excellent wine list (with a chatty, knowledgeable sommelier). But its like a morgue after the crowd leaves for a Lakers game and a buzzing train depot when the crowd is tucking into their protein platters.

                    We really enjoyed Wolfgang Puck's new place at LA Live! Over two visits, the service was excellent and the modern American/Italian fare was very good. Everything from pizzas to short ribs to pasta, were surprisingly good. Limited menu but results were pleasing and the wine selection was better than I expected. This by no means matches the unique character of Spago (ate there with a group and had a fantastic meal). If you are looking for a comfortable, casual place with more thoughtful offerings skillfully prepared and relatively modest pricing, I would recommend Puck's place.