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Feb 18, 2010 06:25 PM

McDonald's sweet chili sauce ... just make a McEggroll, will ya

Gave the largely bannered sweet chili sauce with my mcnuggets. It is the exact gloopy red sauce that bad Chinese-American restaurants give you with eggrolls. There's a slight touch of heat to it. If they are going to have this, they just might as well sell eggrolls as well.

The car smelled like bad Chinese takeout till I could find a trash barrel.

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  1. mmmmm sounds delicious lol. no but i am seriously going to try it today

    1. Have they discontinued the sweet & sour sauce that used to be available for McNuggets?

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      1. re: Muskrat

        oh god no...Millions would protest. that stuff is the S&S sauce of legends.

        1. re: joe777cool

          I like that thing. It is not great, but it is so-signature.

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            had that chili sauce today....nothing special. S&S still by far the best

            1. re: joe777cool


              Sorry about the confusion. When I said "that" thing, I were referring to the S&S sauce you were talking about. Despite you like it or not, I think the sweet and sour sauce has earned its place in the history, just like Big Mac. I don't love Big Mac, but com'on, it is historical.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                i am totally confused here....

                the chili sauce - only ok

                the S&S sauce - legendary (as in great)

                1. re: joe777cool


                  If you go back and read my original statement: "I like that thing. It is not great, but it is so-signature." "That thing" is referring to the S&S sauce, not the chili sauce. I hope this clarify the confusion.

      2. These responses got to me. Today I had a 6 piece McNuggwt with one chili sauce and one sweet and sour sauce.

        On the rare occasion I've had McNuggets I'm likely to order BBQ sauce. I think the last time I tried all the sauces was when McNuggets first came out. I rejected the sweet and sour sauce at that time.

        It was interesting. The sweet and sour sauce seems mustard based. What was suprising to me was a distinct cinnamon flavor. It is thinner and lest gloppy than the new chili sauce. However, it is nothing I would ever identify as a sweet and sour sauce. The chili sauce was more of the classic bad Chinese restaurant model.

        That being said, I like the chili sauce more than the sweet and sour as I'm not a fan of mustard-based sauces in general. Still ... I'll be sticking with the bbq sauce.

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        1. re: rworange

          I dont believe there is much mustard in the sauce; I detest mustard and if that were the case I would pick right up on that. All the recipes I have seen to try and imitate the sauce contain mostly apricot and peach preserves along with sugar, vinegar, and a few other seasonings. I have never picked up the cinnamon in it either and I have eaten more than my fair share of S&S sauce.

          1. re: joe777cool

            Interesting. Back in the day when I ate the McNuggets (and me and the ex were BIG fans of them), we would get the S&S sauce and the mustard sauce and mix them together.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. honestly I enjoyed the sweet chilli when i tried it for the first time last week....
            HOWEVER I am missing like crazy the curry sauce I had in France and Italy at the mcDee's there
            anyone know if they have it at any in the states???