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Feb 18, 2010 06:18 PM

Bogota - Close to Embassy Suites in Rosales

Can anyone recommend a good place to eat within walking distance of the Embassy Suites in Rosales?

How about family friendly restaurants anywhere in the city?

How about a place for lunch in la Candalaria district?

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  1. You are clos eto the Zona Rosa, go there.
    Family Friendly:Sopas de Mama
    Lunch in La Candelaria: La Puerta Falsa
    The Top floor of Andres Carne de Res(Bogota) is family friendly.

    You are walking distance from Longaniza, a Colombian steak house where they make longanizas in house. It's very close.

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      I agree... sopas de mama y postres de la abuela is a good family place... nothing spectacular but a solid choice. la puerta falsa in the center is great for tamales and chocolate con queso. lots of good choices in the zona rosa close to rosales... andres carne de res is a must. lots of nice places in usaquen too, a short cab ride away. the sunday artisans market in usaquen is also a lot of fun. enjoy!