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Feb 18, 2010 05:47 PM

Grilled Cheese truck recommendations?

The GCT is finally coming up the hill to beautiful Altadena tomorrow night, which means we'll actually get to try it. Can any of you fashionable west-siders please tell us what you recommend? P&P, I'm sure you guys know!


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  1. I recommend the Condiment Bar! Honestly, I was seriously UNDERwhelmed by all the sandwiches we tried on their own. But a sprinkle of Parm, Zatar, Siracha really does make the sandwiches/soup. So take some time and doctor up! :)


    1. The Grilled Cheese and Mac w/ Pork was excellent. Avoid the soup.

      1. another vote for the mac 'n cheese w/ pork. it's a bit rich, though. their basic cheddar on white bread was the best grilled cheese i have ever had. it was perfection.

        the caprese sandwich was surprisingly good. i am not a fan of basil, but they used just enough.

        but i am not a fan of the tomato soup. it tastes like Prego.

        1. I tried a grilled cheese with American and Cheddar with the pork. I really liked it. Agree that the soup is not good and I didn't like the tater tots either, they were mushy. But I had to try them because they were free that day.

          1. Okay, kids, I just don't get it. Steve and I hit the Grilled Cheese Truck last Friday night. We got there a little before 7:00, were about 8th in line, waited about 1/2 hour for them to open and start serving - by the time we were served there were easily 30-40 more people waiting. And for what??? A grilled cheese sandwich!

            I had the cheddar, I asked for red onions, but they were out - at 7:15! We asked for and got a taste of the bbq pork but it was so sweet, there was no way I could eat it, so it was plain cheese on bread. Steve had their special, which was smoked turkey, salami, and cheese - all right from the processed deli section of the local supermarket. The only bright light was the fact that the truck was right outside the Rancho bar, and being locals, we took our sandwiches inside and enjoyed a couple of beers with them.

            What did everyone else do, eat in their cars or ???

            I love grilled cheese, and could make a better sandwich than that at home with my eyes closed. I just don't get the attraction.