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Feb 18, 2010 05:00 PM

YYC - restaurants with a focus on local producers

Hey fellow hounds...

I am working on a festival celebrating local and sustainable foods which will be part of Calgary's Earth Day celebrations. (more on that later...) I have put together a list of restaurants and catering companies who focus on supporting local producers + sustainable foods. But I would really value everyone's input, as I don't want to over look any businesses who are striving to do the above.


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  1. Forage/Infuse Catering, River Cafe and Rouge immediately come to mind...but I'm not really up on caterers - I'm sure there are places I'm missing.

    1. why don't you post the list you have so far?

      1. You've probably already seen/contacted Slow Food Calgary (or maybe you are with Slow Food Calgary!), but just in case, here's a link:

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          Certainly but the list is of producers... which I love and reference often, but not of the restaurants which promote their products. What I am doing now is contacting the producers them selves, and asking them who their most loyal restaurant clients are.

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            Shef's Fiery Kitchen at the Calgary Farmers' Market (who also do catering I believe) often have local producers referenced on their menu.

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              Ah, of course. That's a clever way to find the restaurants and caterers... I'm not sure I would have thought of that!

              Three local chefs mentioned in this article talking about Anthony Bourdain and the "localvore" movement, including Chef Overland of The Belvedere:

          2. the Coup and Dairy Lane are the first I think of.

            1. Farm and River Cafe for sure.