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short ribs?

I have recently become obsessed with and addicted to short ribs, and I've noticed that not a lot of places have them - I'm sure that's because (having made them myself) it takes a good part of your afternoon to prepare. I've had them at Tam O'Shanter (v. good) and Shutters (good) - any other places of note? I live in SFV, but would travel for fantastic short ribs.

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  1. Taix Monday lunch special $12.95. Served at dinner everynight $15.95
    1911 Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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      just had those last fri and they were awesome. Also their Mussels in white wine were very good.

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        That along with the soup and I can eat a couple baskets of their French bread.

    2. I just had the shortribs with cauliflower gratin at Mercantile in Hollywood and they were awesome (actually, the whole meal was).

      1. Lucques on Melrose in WeHo has typically had killer short ribs on their menu, but check first if you plan on driving over to specifically get that one dish. Also, Josie on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica does wonderful short ribs.

        2424 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

        8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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          I love Josie's.

          They are appearing on everyone's menu now. They looked pretty good at Bouchon the other night, but we didn't order them, and I think my husband regretted it.

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            Agree with Lucques, they were wonderful. Then I got the Goin cookbook and have since been making them myself. Other than prep, they are easy and pretty inexpensive to make.

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              I love the short ribs at Lucques. I have the cookbook and never thought about making them myself. Perhaps, it is worth a try. I did make the Green Goddess dressing from that book. It was insanely great!

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              Le Grande Orange has short ribs??? I didn't see that on the menu....guess I just have the lunch menu.

            2. I’ve enjoyed supremely elegant examples (braised, Kurobuta, Berkshire) at Josie, Craft, Lucques, Hatfield’s and Pinot Provence among others.

              I’ve also chowed down on some dynamite soul food preparations at Bertha’s Soul Food, Flossie’s and M & M’s Soul Food.

              Agora Churrascaria and Fogo de Chao offer excellent Brazilian style presentations.

              When done properly I really love Galbi Jjim, Korean braised short ribs. Most often, I find them either too tough, too sweet or, worse, both. Chilbo Myun Oak serves up a very respectable dish. The best that I've ever had though was at a now-defunct restaurant inside the Oxford Palace Hotel. Amazing but, alas, no more.

              Years ago, Sherman’s BBQ on Slauson and Crenshaw would smoke up (low, slow and long) some short ribs that were literally heart stopping. "Yo, Sherm! Where you at, man?"

              1. On the high end, Craft serves some of my all-time favorite braised short ribs.

                1. I have a soft spot for the short ribs at Blair's in Silver Lake. I've had them a hundred times and they are always fantastic. Bashan in Montrose serves some inspired ones as well.

                  1. really? Short ribs are such a trendy dish; most restaurants I go to have them. They're also easy to make so I rarely order them.

                    My favorite rendition is at Josie; a Moroccan flair and downright delicious!

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                      "Shorts ribs are such a trendy dish."
                      LOL. My grandmother who would now be about 125 years old made short ribs. Everyone loved her short ribs. She served them with her home made potato pancakes and home made applesauce.

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                        Yup. Another homey dish that has become so ubiquitous in the restaurant world.

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                          Exactly. I'll be maudie's grandma made grilled cheese sandwiches, too, but nobody would deny that's trendy right now.

                    2. Of course you're obsessed with and addicted to short ribs--they're delicious!

                      The short rib pot roast at Jar is spectacular. I highly recommend it.

                      It's famous! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12381...

                      1. Westside Tavern (Westwood) has a good short rib roast.

                        Making them isn't too hard. It does take a while, but think of all those leftovers! http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/12/bra...

                        1. Salt Creek Grill (there's one in El Segundo)

                            1. a few months back I had some surprisingly good short ribs at Bowery on Sunset near Vine. The portion was big. They looked like boring ribs smothered in brown sauce, but they were very tasty and the sauce was a quite good, not at all the heavy bland english style sauce I expected.

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                                I believe it. Kris Morningstar created the menu at both the Bowery and the Mercantile (as well as Delancey and the Mission) and as I said above, the ones at the Mercantile were great.

                              2. I just had some killer short ribs at Bouchon (I was at the one in Vegas but you can check to see if BH has them as well).