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Feb 18, 2010 04:49 PM

Roadtrip from Seattle to Malibu, Foodie Recs?

My fiance is moving from Seattle to Malibu and we are getting into our UHaul next week for the adventure. Where are the not to miss places to eat on the way south? We are wine freaks and lovers of anything ethnic. Dives as welcome as fancy. What say you Chowhounders?

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  1. Are you driving I-5 all the way? In Calif there isn't much along I-5 unless you want to stop around Sacto. There certainly are plenty of wineries but it's a bit out of your way, esp. if you are pulling an U-Haul.

    1. Do a simple search on either the PNW or California boards,and you'll come up with tons of threads for the length of your drive. Once in the LA area, over the Grapevine on 5 south of Bakersfield, use the LA board.

      If you know about where you'll be lunching or overnighting, 'hounds can reply with much more usefull info. Otherwise it can be like shooting in the dark.

      We're ready to fire away, just give us a few more specifics, and your route.

      1. Probably too late for your trip, but the two places along I-5 I would suggest without question are: Morning Glory in Ashland for breakfast/lunch... and Jack's Grill in Redding for dinner. Jacks is in downtown Redding...a steakhouse that opened in 1938, and still has the great steaks. Otherwise, good burgers at Bartel's Burgers, just off the north exit at Corning. Good sandwiches at Chris and ??? at 800 Mt. Shasta Blvd in Mt. Shasta---Across the street and down about a block on the right is one of the best coffee places on I-5 (can't remember the name, but worth finding.)

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          You mean Chris and Dena's- nice couple. And the coffee house is Seven sons also locally owned. Both good places. Billy goat tavern on the same street also has great burgers.

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            Karenfinan, thanks for supplying the memory. Leaving for California on Friday...will try Billy Goat on Sat. What else can you recommend in Yreka, Dunmuir, or Weed?