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Feb 18, 2010 04:45 PM

Best gnocchi

Who offers it? I'm partial to the ones at Angeli but I'd love to hear of other outstanding versions.

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  1. love love love Piccolo Paradiso in Bev Hills. overall great food and service. and love their artichoke hearts app as well.

    also Gjelina. really well done.

    altho i didn't have it, my dining partner enjoyed his when we were at Vinoteque. Port and Stilton sauce IIRC.

    Melisse does a good one, or at least last I was there.

    Years ago, I had a lovely one at Spago, though I can't remember now what was in it, just that it was lovely.

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    1. re: Emme

      The Gjelina gnocchi with ricotta cheese and brown butter is amazing. Little pillows of happiness.

      1. re: wienermobile

        Mmm...yes, those ones at Gjelina are awesome.

      1. I would call to see if they still have it on their menu, but my favorite gnocchi of recent memory was at Bottlerock in Downtown. They were almost panfried, so like perfect little tater tots... absolutely delish!


        1. I haven't been there in a while, but my favorite gnocchi used to be the spinach ones at Girasole in Larchmont. Although we can do good potato ones in brown butter and sage at home, we can't nail the spinach and ricotta ones, they always fall apart, but Girasole was the real deal when it came to that style of gnocchi.

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          1. re: Robert Thornton

            I second those spinach gnocchi at Girasole. Amazing and light as a cloud.

          2. Gnocchi Gorgonzola with Homemade Italian Sausage and Onions at Pina’s Bistro. 2 die 4!

            Pina’s Bistro
            640 West First Street
            Tustin, California 92680
            (714) 730-5442


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            1. re: degustateur

              Another vote for Piccolo Paradiso. Best gnocchi I have ever had in my life.