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Feb 18, 2010 03:59 PM

Take Out in Quakertown?

I am searching for a good place for take-out this Saturday night for me, my parents and grandparents in Quakertown. I know there are standards like Lee's Hoagie House, Applebee's, Friendly's in that area, but are there any better, more upscale places?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you tried the Kenyan restaurant at the Q-mart? I got their coconut chicken with rice to go there about a year ago and it was yummy. And if you go early enough you can hit Fleck's for still warm sticky buns for dessert.

    1. The sushi place on 309 does takeout and it's pretty good. I guess the mexican place near the old train station isn't quite upscale, but they do make a mean dish and do takeout. Sorry I can't think of names right now, but I'll try to think of them and repost.

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        Thanks guys! Do you know anything about Captain Bob's Seafood? I've heard rumors that they have good seafood although not "upscale" it is cheap and good tasting. Any thoughts?

        1. re: KittCat84

          I have also heard that it is good. But never been.