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Feb 18, 2010 02:36 PM

Just Moved To Andover Ma

Looking for a good pizza place. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      My kids like Depot near the railroad tracks and King's Subs for Pizza. There is another one on Post Office St. but not don't know that one very well. We do seem to have a lot of pizza in Andover! Sal's is actually in No. Andover or Lawrence but that is not too far.

      1. re: 2cutepugs

        Andover = No. Andover despite what the residents think.

    2. We have two favorites: Andover Deli and Spinners. Spinners is a thin crust pizza; Andover Deli is a little thicker. Both are really good.

      Spinners is by the Ballardvale train station; Andover Deli is by the horn bridge (near Phil's Roast Beef, also a good take out place, and Dinner by Dish for when you want something more upscale in terms of dinner but don't feel like cooking. Their Haddock Cakes are excellent. For Dinner by Dish you order in advance and pick up on the day you choose, but they usually always have some extra that you can stop by and see what they have.)

      1. Hands down, Pizza King. It's in Lawrence, but really close to North Andover. I like Sals too, but it's mass produced garbage compared to Pizza King.

        Here is my past review:

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        1. Sal's in North Andover. Skip Bertucci's-- too hit or miss.

          Sometimes Whole Foods Pizza is tolerable depending on who's cooking.

          1. i just moved to North Andover last May from Revere and i have a suggestion for you....fill your tank and drive to Santarpio's in East Boston or Bianchi's in Revere....there is no comparison up there for the type of food there is on the North Shore....whether it's the pizza, seafood, chinese, roast beef (although Harrison's is good in N Andover) the best food around is on the North Shore

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            1. re: cf4redsox

              I think you have to grow up eating Santarpio's and Bianchi's to appreciate their pies. Most people I take to Santarpio's who are not from around here just don't like their pies. As far as Bianchi's I'm not a fan of their pizza but they do have their following.

              If suggest you try Pizza King in Lawrence, or Napoli's Pizza or Andino's Pizza both in Haverhill and take-out only. I think it's the best this area has to offer.

                1. re: cf4redsox

                  Couldn't agree more. In fact, if you want any food worth something you need to leave Andover and head to Haverhill or, better still, Boston. Welcome to Blandover

                  1. re: donjay

                    2nd that. pretty slim pick'ins in ANNdover, in fact it's really disgusting. Keons in Haverhill is excellent. Lots of great ethnic places in Lawrence, good Italian bakeries and pizza.