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Feb 18, 2010 01:11 PM

Recs for cafes or tea houses?

I love La Colombe (Rittenhouse) and Bubble House (West Phila) and am looking for somewhere new with excellent coffee or tea and a nice ambiance. Thanks!

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    1. Not sure if you are just looking in Philly but I heard Cafe Tea in Ambler is really good, I have not been there myself but am eager to try it.

      1. La Colombe and Bubble House are really different kinds of places so it's hard to know what you are looking for exactly. But some coffee shops I like in Center City are Spruce St Espresso (tiny, but very good coffee) and La Va (ok coffee but good place to hang out and good middle eastern food--try their shakshouka).

        Ultimo Coffee in South Philly has seriously good coffee. Best espresso, cappuccino and pour-over I have had in Phila and the baristas are consistently good. Atmosphere is just ok. Chestnut Hill Coffee as mentioned is supposed to have excellent espresso drinks and baristas as well.

        1. Couple places I really like - Cafe L'aube on 15th and South with house-roasted coffee, fantastic crepes, and very warm ambience.
          Also Chapterhouse on 9th and Bainbridge.
          Spruce St Espresso is great also, but as mentioned, it's very tiny.

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            It's been ages since I lived downtown, but I always liked Philadelphia Java Co (4th and South) and Chapter House (9th and Baimbridge)

          2. Walnut street Bridge Cafe is cute and has decent coffee

            There's this other place on 20th or 21st near pine/south (sorry so vague!) that i really like and can't remember the name that has a nice vibe. I usually just walk around before I find it.

            Also on Spruce Street Espresso on 11th and Spruce has a good cup (but it's very tiny inside so finding a seat is hit or miss).

            There's some tea place up in Northern Liberties near Honey's Sit'n'Eat called the Random Tea Room that I haven't been to but looks kind of interesting.

            I can keep going. I think it's a personal decision and I personally am not loyal to any one place .. I'm even a sucker for DiBruno Brothers' on Chestnut sometimes for the people watching it offers