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Feb 18, 2010 12:25 PM

Food Deal : Daddyo's Pasta - Any good? Spadina/Bloor area (Wagjag)

On wagjag today they have a $15 certificate for Daddyo's Pasta and Salad. There is a "quote" from chow hound there but I haven't seen any threads on this place before. Seems like a decent deal

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  1. Hmm, I thought I wrote a review for this place, but I guess I didnt!

    We used to go there as it was just around the corner for us, but since last year we've moved and havent been. But it's a nice and friendly, no frills type of joint. My SO loved their beer on tap... something ridiculous like $5 for a Stella or something like that.

    It's homey-type of food. Don't expect anything too extravagant, but it's pasta with meat sauce, or spicy tomato sauce with clams... and you get to pick the type of pasta you want. You can basically build your own pasta too. You can tell them you want it spicy too, and they'll adjust accordingly. Salads are quick and easy at something like $5 as well.. Both salads and pastas come in 2 sizes (large and small). Think of it like a cafeteria - you go up and order - and then they bring it to your table.

    We like the owner - Jeffery - he's really nice... Very easy going and talkative guy.

    For a $15, you could probably get a salad and large pasta - which is pretty filling.

    Daddyo's Pasta & Salads
    673 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5S2H9, CA

    1. I used to go at least once a week when we were on Huron St., but we moved away, and I have not been back in a bit. The owner is very nice, and will accommodate any special request that you might have (extra sauce / veggies etc.). I like the fact that they have "half" and "full" orders of pasta as I don't like fighting my way through a huge plate of pasta in one quick lunch sitting. I always enjoyed their pasta in a creamy white sauce with seafood. I think it was around $7. The owner would throw in some garlic cheese bread if I brought my friends along with me. The resaurant is simple, with a warm welcoming University like feel to it. Maybe I will pay him a visit today!

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        Yeah, we usually went there 'coz of Jeffery the owner... the's super nice.