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Feb 18, 2010 12:05 PM

Top 3 choices for Naples/Ft Mayers

I am going to Naples for a week on Tuesday, and we'll have a chance to go out on some dates as the grandparents will babysit. Could you please choose your top 2 or 3 places in Naples/Ft Mayers? They don't need to be fancy, but they must be good. Obviously we would like some sea food, but are open to anything. We don't mind driving, so if your top choice is in Ft Mayers, let us know. Lunch and/or dinner. We would rather stick to non-chains. Thanks!

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  1. We like Ridgeways and Olio's

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      what do you like about Ridgeways. I haven't been for years and it is never mentioned here. We usually have guests when we go to Third Street South area, so it's been Campiello or TB's.

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        Well, we like everything about it. The couple who own it, the service, the atmosphere, he food, the beautiful garden out the window. We took some friends who live in Bonita Springs there (we're Nyers) and they have been back many times and love the place. Give it a try.

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          I looked at their website and noticed they use Rabbit Run as their green grocer/ purveyor. She grows the prettiest and tastiest produce in SW florida. I'll definitely give Ridgeways a try. A place that shows that kind of care is usually good.

          Adam and Eve: Just so you will understand, Naples is not particularly a Cuban area. The enclaves of good Cuban food are primarily in Miami and the east coast of Florida and New York City, for that matter. LMF

    2. Truluck's is great for stone-crab claws and has a nice atmosphere--I think Tuesday or Wednesday used to be all-you-can-eat stone crab claws if that's of interest; for seafood in general, Bert's Seafood and Chowder House is supposed to be excellent. If you haven't had Cuban food, you might try a Cuban sandwich for lunch at Fernandez de Bull which has 2 locations now in Naples. Campiello is great for Italian BUT if you have tons of great Italian restaurants where you live, then maybe pass. Charlie Chiang's has awesome dim sum. INCA'S Peruvian Kitchen has incredible Peruvian foods if you have never experienced that cuisine and want to to try it--open for lunch and dinner; boy, that place is awesome! Well, here's a link to a blog that might help guide you with very good rec's of all kinds:

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        Thanks Val. We are coming from NY, so plenty of italian here. I guess Cuban and fresh sea food would be my number 1 choice. hopefully the weather will help and we can sit outside!