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Heidi's Fire Today: Total Loss

Sad news for the local restaurant scene:


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  1. extremely sad. It sounded like Blackbird Cafe was affected as well.

    Hopefully the can pull themselves up and re-open.

    1. Yeah, made me sick to my stomach when I found that out.

        1. That makes me so sad, though I never dined there...I too hope he can be up and running quickly.

          1. I am so sad about this. This was our favorite place in th cities. I feel for the staff.

            1. Looks like Heidi's was to blame on the 10 news

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              1. Terrible story.

                I hope Stewart and the crew come out of this OK.

                1. We had dinner at Heidi's on Tuesday. Heidi was walking around, talking to everyone. Dinner was fantastic. I'm in shock.
                  Blackbird is also a terrible loss. That was my absolute favorite place for brunch on the weekends.

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                    We never made it to Heidi's, but we did enjoy Blackbird on occasion. We also liked shopping at Patina. My condolences to all who were injured or lost property or their livelihoods in the fire.

                  2. How sad, jfood was just there a few weeks ago. He placed Heidi's as Top 5 in MSP. Hopefully the chef/owner will regroup quickly and reopen somewhere.

                    1. Hard to see business lose their livelyhood overnight. There were a few restaurants that were lost here I think. Hopefully all of them can recover and get back on their feet.